Keeping up with the ex-Yanks

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Here’s another installment on how the former Yanks from the 2009 championship team have been faring this year. Ian Kennedy had a tremendous outing facing the tough Phillies lineup yesterday, by far his best of the year. He went 8 innings and gave up just 4 hits, 1 BB and 2 runs (both solo HRs). You may have also been able to see Melky go 1-4 yesterday and have trouble with the sun catching a fly ball if you’re in the NY or ATL area, since the Mets played the Braves yesterday.

Note-Due to popular demand, I’m adding Jose Tabata since I received so many requests to include him last time.

Melky Cabrera

G-16 PA-65 H-8 BB-8 HR-0 BA-.143  OBP-.250 SLG-.179 OPS-.429

Hideki Matsui

G-19 PA-79 H-22 BB-8 HR-4 BA-.310  OBP-.380 SLG-.563 OPS-.943

Johnny Damon

G-18 PA-75 H-20 BB-13 HR-0 BA-.328  OBP-.453 SLG-.426 OPS-.880

Ian Kennedy

G-4 ERA-4.43 IP-22.1 H-18 ER-11 BB-7 SO-21 WHIP-1.12

Austin Jackson

G-17 PA-82 H-23 BB-7 HR-0 BA-.307  OBP-.366 SLG-.413 OPS-.779

Arodys Vizcaino (A)

G-3 ERA-4.24 IP-17 H-19 ER-8 BB-5 SO-13 WHIP-1.41

Xavier Nady

G-13 PA-32 H-6 BB-2 HR-1 BA-.222  OBP-.344 SLG-.333 OPS-.677

Brian Bruney

G-9 ERA-5.40 IP-8.1 H-5 ER-5 BB-9 SO-6 WHIP-1.680

Phil Coke

G-9 ERA-2.16 IP-8.1 H-10 ER-2 BB-6 SO-4 WHIP1.92

Mike Dunn (AAA)

G-5 ERA-1.29 IP-7 H-5 ER-1 BB-2 SO-9 WHIP-1.00

Jose Tabata (AAA)

G-14 PA-67 H-20 BB-5 HR-1 BA-.323  OBP-.373 SLG-.403 OPS-.776

0 thoughts on “Keeping up with the ex-Yanks

  1. What strikes me is how little has changed. Same old Coke, same old Bruney. Tabata still has no power.

    Pleasantly surprised by A-Jax, I didn’t think he was ready yet. I’ve always been an IPK fan, so him pitching well doesn’t surprise me at all.

    • I’m actually a little worried about A-Jax. That batting average is coming back down to Earth, and his strikeout rate is awful. He had a nice start and a lot of balls were falling into play as hits for him, but I don’t think it’s sustainable given his current skills/abilities. He just might not be ready for MLB yet.

      I know it’s like a broken record with him… He hits pretty well everywhere he plays but people still knock him… But seriously, look at the strikeouts. It doesn’t bode well.

      • You’re right, I hadn’t noticed that and now after digging into it I see that he’s getting headlines on Rotoworld for being such a strikeout machine. That doesn’t bode well, and the recent trend could mean that the league has a scouting report that is working on him, now we need to see if he can adjust.

  2. So far looking at these numbers, looks like the moves the Yanks have made have worked in their favor. Not a lot of people on that list seem to be doing incredibly well but IPK’s start against the Phils is pretty impressing and Matsui is off to a nice start to the 2010 season!

  3. I´m happy for A-Jax, but I don´t think he´ll keep it up this year. Those numbers are his best case scenario. As good as his numbers look, Gardner´s are better so far. I´m happy for IPK too, and he is the one I´ll miss the most, specially for all the “big 3” dreams the hype created. Good to see Tabata is not the next Manny. And Damon looks like he wants to prove something. His OBP is out of this world. So far him and Matsui are more productive with the bat than Nick Jonhson and Granderson, by a ton.