What's up now, Pineiro?

Apparently the Yankees have their own version of Roy Halladay in Andy Pettitte, who tossed a fourth straight gem in hurling 8 innings of one-run ball in the Yankees’ 7-1 win over the Halos in the Saturday afternoon Fox Game of Death.

I only saw bits and pieces of the game but did manage to catch Frankie Cervelli’s big two-out two-run base hit in the fourth. Robbie Cano’s torrid hitting continued and the offense finally busted out of its mini three-game slump, tagging Joel Pineiro for six runs — this was particularly sweet, especially after getting owned by the journeyman scrub two weeks ago.

But the story of the game was another ridiculous start from the apparently ageless Andy Pettitte. In picking up his third victory of the year, Pettitte lowered his ERA to an AL-leading 1.29.

Here are Pettitte’s numbers on the season so far:
1.29 ERA, 22 Ks, 1.07 WHIP, 2.51 FIP, 3.63 xFIP

And just for fun, here are Halladay’s season numbers in Quadruple A:
0.82 ERA, 28 Ks, 0.88 WHIP, 1.98 FIP, 2.45 xFIP

While no one expects Pettitte to continue pitching this well, it has been an absolute treat to get results like this from the veteran lefty thus far.

In minor news, Nick the Walk apparently aggravated his back, although is expected back in the lineup at Baltimore on Tuesday. I never thought I’d say this, but given NJ’s struggles with the bat of late, a day or two off probably isn’t the worst thing in the world.

The Yanks try for their sixth-straight series win this afternoon in Anaheim behind Home Run Javy. The Yanks get to face Scott Kazmir, who they very enjoyably lit up last time around.

And in the least shocking development in American history, the Orioles blew a 3-1 lead in the 7th inning to fall to the Red Sox for the 10th(!) straight time, by a final score of 7-6. You don’t need Biff Tannen’s Sports Almanac to know that the Sox will be completing the sweep this afternoon.

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