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5 thoughts on “How much longer will it take to fix this problem?

  1. More proof that Bud Selig is out of touch, ineffective and can't retire soon enough.  He is a horrible commisioner and if something terrible does happen then it will be just one more thing to add to his awful legacy.

  2. Marc,

    I have NO problem pointing fingers, but unfortunately, there's much more to this than we know.  Laying this at Bud's feet is the obvious response, and something that I did early on.  However, as I have learned more, there's layers of complexity and politics to slice thru before you get something done.

    My Our hope is the same as yours: That this gets done before there's a preventable tragedy.

  3. Do we know if any players use the BatGlove?  Obviously, if you look at the site it looks like a no-brainer, but I'm curious about anyone who has used it or why people don't.

  4. Yes… from what I have learned, the players love it and it was already used in the minor leagues (Arizona I think) with a 100% success rate. It's got to be a money thing. This is a no-brainer and someone will have to answer this question when a fan or player is killed.

  5. It's not a money issue at all.  The wraps can be added, as noted by BatGlove engineering guru Phil Rauso, for about $5/bat.

    The tie-up is in the politics of the game.  A bat company has roadblocked things, as I hear it.