Yankees vs. Orioles in the unbalanced schedule era

In light of the Red Sox’s dominance of the Orioles this decade (Sunday night’s loss to Baltimore aside) and the fact that the Yankees embark on the first of 18 against their fellow AL East rival and Boston’s favorite punching bag tonight, I wanted to see how the Yankees had fared against the O’s in the unbalanced schedule era. I figured they’d done well, although I assumed it wasn’t quite Boston-level ownage.

Well, for all my griping about the O’s being an automatic win for the Red Sox, it turns out the Yankees have actually performed even better than Boston against Baltimore this decade, going 109-57 since 2001, compared to Boston’s 107-59.

That’s right, the Orioles have played .343 ball against the Yankees during the last nine seasons. The closest the O’s came to taking the season series was in 2007, when they managed to split their 18 contests. Other than that it’s been double-digit wins for the Yanks in every season. That’s pretty ridiculous.

5 thoughts on “Yankees vs. Orioles in the unbalanced schedule era

  1. My feeling has been that the Yankees have had a difficult schedule to start the season. On paper Oakland was the only non-contender they've played so far, and the A's started the series in first. As a fan I'm hoping these six games against the O's can get some of our slumping players going.

  2. I wonder if we'll ever see a brawl between these two teams like the above-pictured 1998 classic ever again.

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