Away to Teixeira

Prior to last night’s game, on the season, Mark Teixeira has hit .119/.280/.254.

Against right-handers, Teixeira has hit .109/.281/.217. Here’s pitchFX data of those 46 at-bats.

Teixeira is a switch-hitter, so notice how most pitches have been away. He hasn’t hit those pitches, obviously.

Against left-handers, Teixeira has hit .143/.280/.333. Here’s pitchFX data of those 21 at-bats.

Again, Teixeira is a switch-hitter, so left-handers are also trying to get him out by aiming away.

It seems Teixeira, whether right-handed or left-handed, is attempting to pull anything that crosses the plate – I base this on what I have seen, thus far, and his inability to hit pitches away – which might explain his early struggles. If pitchers continue to pepper the outer portions of the strike zone, Teixeira is going to have to adjust and go the other way (or at least square up and try to drive the ball up the middle). Right now, he’s just extremely pull-happy.

For further proof of this, note Teixeira’s season spray charts versus right-handers and left-handers.

He’s hit the ball away a bit more while facing lefties, which probably explains why his line is better against them.

3 thoughts on “Away to Teixeira

  1. Any chart for how unlucky he’s been. It seems to me he’s hit into a bunch of hard hit outs.

  2. Those boxes have me confused. If he’s batting left-handed against right-handed ptichers than that first box shows they are pitching him inside.

  3. we seen this movie before.. lets wait until 2sd week in may.. then panic if he dont hit