Vazquez’s horizontal movement

Here’s some pitchFX data, via FanGraphs, on Javier Vazquez, detailing the horizontal movement on his pitches.

The peach colored rows represent league averages. Though Vazquez is largely above average (not to a great degree, but above average nonetheless) with each pitch, except for his slider, notice the degree to which Vazquez’s horizontal movement is lacking relative to previous years. His fastball (FA), slider (SL), and curveball (CU) are all moving less this season (thus far). Only Vazquez’s changeup (CH) and his two-seamer (FT) are demonstrating substantial horizontal movement when viewed alongside his career averages (they are actually well above his own averages).

Now, I’m not sure what is causing Vazquez’s horizontal movement issue. It could be mechanical, as that would be the best case scenario. It could also be brought on by an unspoken injury or even a change in velocity. Whatever the case may be, the lack of horizontal movement is likely another reason for Vazquez’s early season struggles.

5 thoughts on “Vazquez’s horizontal movement

  1. Chris, every Yankees starter has less horizontal movement this year, per pitch f/x. It seems more like an adjustment in the system. Otherwise you’d have to explain why Sabathia, Burnett, and especially Pettitte have such a lower horizontal movement figure.

    • Ah, didn’t notice that, Joe. Thanks for pointing it out. I’m really not sure what to make of these numbers, then. They might be meaningless, although I guess I would have to look at the differences between Vazquez’s change in h-movement compared to the changes in h-movement for everyone else.

  2. that chart is very pretty…vasquez just question is how long does cashman in the rotation..if javy dont turn it around he will crush the bullpen. maybe thats why aj went into the 8th tonight.keep it fresh for saturday..

    • He’ll get plenty of rope, and rightfully so. He’s had a very good career, you dont just cast that aside.

      • long does the rope go…10 starts? or more?at the end of a rope you usually find a body hanging on the end.. i was hoping he would get off to a solid start, this all can play in his head now..the fans will give him hell if he bombs this next start..