Behold the Mighty Cano

Is this a new, sustainable Cano? Probably not at these levels, but rather than sweating it, how ’bout we just sit back and enjoy the ride? Oh, and pay no attention to that UZR/150 number that has out there:

Though, according to last night’s report:

One of these years, Girardi has said, Cano is going to win a Gold Glove award, and perhaps no second baseman in baseball can move as well to his right. Leading off the third, Nolan Reimold tested Cano’s range by ripping a grounder up the middle. Cano backhanded the ball near second base and, without looking, whirled and fired a perfect throw to Teixeira at first.

Whatchya believe, eyes or stats?

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5 thoughts on “Behold the Mighty Cano

  1. Exactly, Brien.  Everything seems to be hit between the screws.  He looks comfortable and smiling like a kid.  Who doesn't love seeing this?

    You're right about the defense.  He does seem to have those lapses that make you scratch your head, but he's so smooth out there, he makes it all look easy.  Maybe if he got dirtier and looked "grittier", people would get all breathless about him the way some do about Pedroia!

  2. I love to bag on the Elf and the gritty meme, but I'm not so sure about that. Pedroia is just a better defender in terms of converting outs. On the other hand, I'm sure Cano probably would get some extra praise if he dove after balls 10 feet away from him for no apparent reason like Pedroia.

    The great thing about Cano's swing is his hand control. It's phenomenal so far. If that's not just a run of good luck, he's going to rack up A LOT of hits this season. He can cover the entire strike zone, and make good contact on balls out of the zone too. I don't think he'll hit 40 home runs, but I won't be shocked at all if he finishes with a .350 average.

  3. Obviously Cano can’t keep this pace up, but he is smoking the ball. He’s not getting lucky drops or blooping singles in or anything, he is mashing. And his swing is just ridiculous. I really do think this is gonna be Robbie’s big break out year, so to speak.

    As for defense, I don’t really think there’s a conflict between the stats and eyes. Cano really is quite good at moving to his right, and gets to balls up the middle very few other second baseman gets to. He doesn’t always turn them into outs though, and he’s good for the occassional bone-headed mistake, so you count on him to cost you runs over the course of the season. But it’s possible that at some point he puts it all together and it shows up in the stats. He’s definitely got the ability to do it.

  4. He is just great, and is built for #5.  The guy hits .320 WITHOUT walking.  If his walk rate went up he would hit .350, but who cares? 

    While this is anecdotal, and cannot be proven with data, I feel sometimes middle of the order guys (Rodriguez often) are too willing to take walks in a situation with men on base.  Seeing Cano at 5 is great because he is going to take his hacks and try to drive those guys in rather than pass the baton. 

    While that is great at most spots in the lineup, when you are the greatest hitter of a generation as Rodriguez is, you are simply passing the baton to a lesser hitter. 

    This is not meant to be a trashing of him, I am a great supporter of his.  Just saying– 

  5. best second basemen in the game!  he is coming into his own and everyone else is far behind, boston your little guy is just not as good as robbie ,forget the dirt on the uniform that only shows he is too SLOW  to reach the play andtoo SLOW to react to the ball being hit.