It's Robbie Cano's world

We all just live in it, apparently. After two more home runs and a double, Robinson Cano’s season line is an utterly scorching .407/.444/.790, good for the highest OPS in the American League (and second-highest in baseball behind St. Louis’ Colby Rasmus), a 233 OPS+ and a Major League-leading .510(!!) wOBA. Even if Cano takes an 0-fer tonight, as Jack Curry mentioned on YES’s postgame show last night, Cano is an absolute lock for American League Player of the Month for April. Paul Konerko and his 10 home runs may get some consideration, but Konerko’s not batting over .400 on the month.

Oh yeah, and the Yankees beat Baltimore 4-0 last night, on the backs of the Robinson Cano show and eight shutout innings from A.J. Burnett. I was only able to catch the ninth inning so I can’t offer much analysis, but there doesn’t appear to be a ton to analyze other than that Cano has to be putting the fear of god into American League pitchers right now.

Scanning the boxscore, Tex apparently picked up a hit, but A-Rod and Granderson remained ice cold, even if Alex did hit another sac fly RBI. Oh, and Marcus Thames unexpectedly continues to rake in limited duty, going 3-3 to push his OPS to 1.591, albeit in a mere 17 at-bats. The team also only took one walk for the second straight game, which would be more irritating if Burnett didn’t administer the thorough beatdown to the O’s lineup that he did. Despite the low walk totals the Yankees are still leading baseball in OBP, but I’d really like to see them get that total at least 0.01 points higher than everyone else.

With Burnett lowering his ERA to 2.43 (3.38 FIP), the Yanks’ big three starters are all in the top 20 in the American League in ERA (and Phil Hughes would be 6th in the league if he had enough innings to qualify), giving the Yankees one of the most formidable rotations they’ve had in what seems like forever. Right now outside of Javy Vazquez the Yankees are sending someone to the mound every day who gives the team a chance to win in every single start, and that’s a damn good feeling.

5 thoughts on “It's Robbie Cano's world

  1. Awesome post, Cano is just playing absurd baseball and it is so much fun to watch this guy hit…his balance and stance have been flawless and his swing is so smooth.

    The announcers say it all the time and we certainly beat him up for it the last couple of years because he seems lazy. He just has this easy going approach and fluid motion both at the plate and in the field. It's just the way the guy plays and I can't get him for it anymore…

    I just can't figure out why he is so terrible at stealing bases!!

    Great first month for Cano and the team, once Tex and A-rod come around, look out…

  2. Also, I knew coming into this season that Marcus Thames would be more than serviceable as a 4th OF coming off the bench. This guy knows how to hit and is really showing that against the lefties; granted that seems to be the only time they have used the guy. Winn on the other hand…he's worthless, I'd rather give some big league burn to one of our prospects in AAA. I feel like the Yanks hate calling people up unless they are deemed ready for the show, but how the hell should they be ready without getting any run in the bigs??

    Maybe that's why I'm not running a Baseball team…

  3. Cano is a beast and I am glad to see Yankee fans finally figuring this out that Cano is a homegrown star. The guy has only had 1 bad season which was only bad for his standards, other teams would love their 2b to have a down year at .271 14 hrs and 70 RBI batting 7th or 8th. As for the stolen bases I noticed this a couple of years ago he slows down to slide…that isn't good. I would tell him not to steal since he doesn't need to, seems like he only hits extra base hits anyway.