Yankees vs. White Sox in the unbalanced schedule era

I’ve been enjoying taking a look back at how the Yanks have historically fared against their opponents (hopefully you have too) and so I thought I’d take a look at the Yanks’ record vs. the White Sox in the unbalanced schedule era given that Ozzie Guillen’s group of underachievers comes to the Bronx for a three-game set this weekend. I don’t have anything against Chicago as a team per se, although I think Ozzie Guillen is ridiculous and wouldn’t mind seeing the Yanks not only beat the ChiSox this weekend but also embarrass them.

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And here’s the Yanks vs. the White Sox since 2001:

As you can see, there’s obviously not as much history between these two teams as the Yanks have with the Red Sox and O’s. The Yanks have handled the ChiSox pretty well, and haven’t lost the season series since 2003.

They’ve also swept ’em at home three times in the past nine seasons; would love to see another one this weekend.

2 thoughts on “Yankees vs. White Sox in the unbalanced schedule era

  1. Craig K

    Guy to watch on Chi-Town, Matt Thornton. If he comes up for some relief duty and we're down a few runs…that game is over.

  2. JGS

    Sure about that? I mean, the Yankees did lose the game in the end, but…


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