It's Robbie Cano's world

We all just live in it, apparently. After two more home runs and a double, Robinson Cano’s season line is an utterly scorching .407/.444/.790, good for the highest OPS in the...

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Behold the Mighty Cano

Is this a new, sustainable Cano? Probably not at these levels, but rather than sweating it, how ’bout we just sit back and enjoy the ride? Oh, and pay no attention to that UZR/150 number that has out there:

Though, according to last night’s report:

One of these years, Girardi has said, Cano is going to win a Gold Glove award, and perhaps no second baseman in baseball can move as well to his right. Leading off the third, Nolan Reimold tested Cano’s range by ripping a grounder up the middle. Cano backhanded the ball near second base and, without looking, whirled and fired a perfect throw to Teixeira at first.

Whatchya believe, eyes or stats?

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The new AJ Burnett

Photo courtesy of the NY Daily News

When AJ Burnett signed with Yanks last year, he made much of the fact that he had matured. Going to ‘the School of Halladay’ he learned what it took to stay healthy and not miss so much...

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Swisher’s being more aggressive at the plate

Nick Swisher appears especially excited about his new batting stance. In fact, Swisher is so excited; he seems to be swinging a lot more this season, trying to hit balls in the zone and balls out of the zone. So far, Swisher’s O-Swing percentage is 26.1%, while his...

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Is Eduardo Nunez The Future At SS?

A few days ago, I noted that the Derek Jeter contract situation might get contentious, but that ultimately an agreement made too much sense for both sides. One portion of that belief was the conviction that the Yankees have no one in the system close to ready to take over for Derek, and that he...

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Would the Yanks consider Josh Willingham?

I know I’m getting ahead of myself here, but given my obsession with walks I couldn’t help but notice that Josh Willingham is tied for second in the National League in...

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Vazquez’s horizontal movement

Here’s some pitchFX data, via FanGraphs, on Javier Vazquez, detailing the horizontal movement on his pitches.

The peach colored rows represent league averages. Though Vazquez is largely above average (not to a great degree, but above...

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Robbie’s real test comes next month

It wasn’t necessary, but this morning I went to Baseball Prospectus to confirm my suspicion that Robinson Cano has been the Yankees’ best player so far this season. BP provides a list of a team’s players,...

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