Minors Recap, 4/8

Hi all.  I am finally making my triumphant return from thesis-related exile, and should be back writing for TYU on a relatively frequent basis.  Without further adieu, a recap of the first day of minor league action.  We’re trying out a different format, where rather than transcribing the box scores, I am going to try...

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Gardner solid at the bottom of the order

Beyond the Box Score’s Satchel Price has an interesting article out, in which Price compares number nine hitters across the American League (right off the bat, Price admits that the piece is somewhat cursory, in that number nine hitters are subject to change give certain situations, as we...

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Pettitte to help determine Joba’s future

Andy Pettitte pitched well last night, giving up only one earned run over six innings at Fenway Park. The vintage performance actually made me wonder about his future with the Yankees, as well as Joba Chamberlain’s future, for the two are intimately connected.

Pettitte has been a reliable free agent piece for the Yankees since returning...

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Are The Yankees Really Taking Too Long To Play Games?

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I thought this was an issue that had gone away, but Joe West decided to dredge it up again last night when speaking to The Record:

“They’re the two clubs that don’t try to pick up the pace,” said West, the chief of the umpiring crew working...

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Granderson's New Handset

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Twitter is an amazing tool for fans and bloggers, in that it provides access to people with expertise that many fans would not have had the ability to speak with in the past. Last night, I was...

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Forbes gives baseball the business

The ESPN piece fails to report a number of other interesting facts in the Forbes analysis. That’s OK, because the Forbes piece is a treasure trove of data, and we’ll be mining this data here on IIATMS for some time to come. Just for the fun of it, I’ll give you a few facts that you won’t learn by reading ESPN’s take on the Forbes piece:

  • Here’s one Yankee tidbit you won’t learn from ESPN: according to Forbes, the Yankees finally turned a profit in 2009. According to Forbes, the Yankees LOST money every year between 2003 and 2008. But note that the Forbes numbers do not include the Yankees’ share of the profits earned by their YES regional sports network – so it’s likely that the Steinbrenners are not in any immediate financial danger.
  • Next time you hear a Red Sox fan complain about the size of the Yankees payroll, remember this gem of information: the Red Sox are now the second most profitable team in baseball (trailing the Marlins, of course), with net revenues of $40 million.
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