Derek’s Plate Discipline Dipping?

Derek Jeter’s gotten off to a fine start. He hasn’t quite heated up yet, but he’s not exactly been cold either. Going into last night’s win against the Orioles, his wOBA was at a solid .344, and that’s going to be higher today thanks to a double and a single last night...

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What the All Star Game changes mean to me

The DH change. For the purposes of this “game”, I am fine with this move.  However, to me, it’s a major “tell” by MLB of its intentions to eventually move the NL to using the DH as well.  Time line?  Ya got me, but clearly this is coming.  Get ready, Senior Circuit. For the All Star Game, it’s a good move.  It allows teams to keep pitchers in the game while showcasing extra bats.  Great. All for it. 

The extra roster spot helps a bit, too, because it mitigates the “Mandatory Representation” rule.  Thankfully, it seems that every team, even the bad ones, have at least one player worthy, but what really chafes me and others is when someone who would otherwise be unworthy of a spot takes the spot of someone more deserving.  Adding the extra roster spot helps get rid of this potential situation.

As does the new rule about pitchers starting on the Sunday leading up to the ASG itself. …

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Game 20: Yankees 8, Orioles 3

In the bottom of the third, Nick Markakis singled.  Ty Wigginton hit a double to right and Markakis scored on a ground out by Miguel Tejada, giving Baltimore its first run of the night.  The Yankees got the run back when Johnson walked to lead off the fifth.  He scored after back-to-back singles by Cano and Cervelli.  The Yankees got their final run in the top of the sixth when Swisher, Brett Gardner and Jeter hit back-to-back-to-back singles, giving the Yankees a commanding 8-1 lead.

Tejada led off the bottom of the inning with a double and moved to third on a single by Garrett Atkins.  Nolan Reimold sent a sac fly to right and Tejada scored.  Markakis hit a solo homer in the bottom of the seventh, to put the score at 8-3, but that was as close as the Orioles would get as Joba Chamberlain and Sergio Mitre did their part to finish out the game.

Bronx Cheers:
(really not much to complain about in last night’s game)

Alex Rodriguez: He did have a RBI, but he was also the only Yankee (with an at bat) to go without a hit.  …

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Away to Teixeira

Prior to last night’s game, on the season, Mark Teixeira has hit .119/.280/.254.

Against right-handers, Teixeira has hit .109/.281/.217. Here’s pitchFX data of those 46 at-bats.

Teixeira is a switch-hitter, so notice how most pitches have been away. He hasn’t hit those pitches, obviously.

Against left-handers, Teixeira has hit...

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Damon’s updated UZR not all that bad

Recently, FanGraphs updated its UZR measurements for 2010 (for park factors, power of the batter, speed of the batter, etc.), which subsequently influenced player ratings in previous seasons. In most cases, even with the alteration to UZR’s formula, the fielding numbers for players did not change significantly to the point where one player went...

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About MLB and Twitter

[Moshe asked me to share this with you, so I have]

[Caveat:  This story is still developing.  Recommend reading this post from Fang’s Bites for background info, and updates.]

This evening, news broke that is now preventing their writers from tweeting anything non-baseball related.

I wish I could adequately put into words how much that...

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