Notes, Reactions, and Observations from Game 19

Last night’s loss to the Orioles was definitely frustrating for a number of reasons. Let’s start from the end and work our way back a bit.

–The top of the ninth was incredibly bitter sweet, as are all comebacks that fall just short. Seriously, where the hell was Julio Lugo playing on that ball Alex Rodriguez...

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Cano v. Pedroia (Now Including Intangibles!)

So, statistically speaking, Cano is about 6-7 runs better offensively while Pedroia is about 12 runs better defensively. Theoretically, that should make Pedroia about half a win better than Cano. According to WAR, Pedroia has been worth 3.8, 6.9, and 4.9 wins while Cano has been worth 2.9, 4.6, 0.2, and 4.9 wins. According to WARP, Pedroia has been worth 4.6, 8.4, and 4.7 wins with Cano worth 5.1, 5.7, 1.8, and 6.0. So depending on whom you believe, they are either equals (WAR—both tend to be around 4.5) or Cano’s a bit better (WARP likes him, but I’m not sure how much defense plays a part there). Regardless, what we’ve found is about what we expected to find—they’re pretty even.

But what about those intangibles I promised? I know you expect me to rail against intangibles and how they don’t exist, but I’m not here to do that. When it comes down to picking between the two players, intangibles can make a difference.…

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Bats, bullpen and baserunning betray Yanks in alliterative 5-4 loss to O's

It’s pretty hard to win a game in the American League when you score only two runs (at least, through the first eight innings of a game), although the Yankees seemed poised...

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Game 19: Yankees 4, Orioles 5

Hughes got a quick two outs to start, but had thrown a lot of pitches so Joe Girardi pulled him out instead of letting him finish the inning.  Boone Logan came in to face Luke Scott, but walked him.  David Robertson then came in for Logan and hit Ty Wigginton with a pitch after running out to an 0-2 count.  Rhyne Hughes then singled in Scott, followed by a RBI single by Reimold.  A single by Izturis gave the Orioles their third run of the inning and a 4-2 lead after six innings.  The Orioles picked up another run in the eighth, an inning that started with an error by Jeter.

Down 5-2, the Yankees rallied in the ninth.  A one out single by Swisher got the Bombers started.  Nick Johnson, pinch “hitting” for Winn, drew a walk.  Jeter struck out for the second out of the inning, but Gardner managed to get on base for the second time due to an error, this time by Izturis.  …

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Who Is Better, Pedroia or Cano?

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From the NY Post:

Reggie Jackson’s belief that Robinson Cano has passed Dustin Pedroia as the premier second baseman in the American League isn’t simply Mr. October’s bias because he works for the Yankees.

“After this season he will be the best second baseman in the American League and...

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The Great Debate: Closing Arguments for the ’98 Yankees

Listen, I can’t sit here and pretend that the 2010 Yankees aren’t an excellent team. They are well-constructed from top to bottom and off to a very hot start. They have exactly one weak spot in their lineup, but that spot is more than balanced out by the excellent defense that Brett Gardner will provide in LF. Their starting pitching, despite the slow start by Javy Vazquez, is going to be strong. The bullpen, after Rivera, is a potential weakness, but one that is easily addressed midseason. Barring a string of key injuries, the 2010 Yankees are going to finish with more than 90 wins, and probably will be in the playoffs.

But Will’s making a lot out of a small difference on offense. Five points of weighted OBA is virtually nothing. And will the 2010 club perform better than the ’09 club? Through 18 games (yes, it’s a small sample size), the ’10 club has scored 96 runs. The ’09 club scored 100 through its first 18.…

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