So far, Burnett rarely using his changeup

During Spring Training, we heard much about A.J. Burnett’s desire to employ his changeup more this year. “Whether I throw it or not, I don’t know, but I’ve been working on it,” noted Burnett. Well, on the 2010 season, across 3 starts, A.J. Burnett has thrown a total of...

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Two unwritten rules broken yesterday

Yesterday, as Robinson Cano fisted one of Dallas Braden’s pitches down the left field line in the sixth inning, Alex Rodriguez sprinted to third base. Because the ball was foul, Rodriguez then headed back to first base. However, en route to first, A-Rod chose to run straight across the...

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Dallas Braden's Personal Kingdom

As I said in the comments to the other post and on Twitter, I think Alex Rodriguez was likely unaware of Dallas Braden’s silly unwritten rule, that Braden overreacted, and that Alex reacted exactly as one should when dealing with a petulant child attempting to lecture an adult on the rules of the game. If...

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The Rays Are Not Going Anywhere

[image title=”_42085794_baseball_416_300″ size=”full” id=”16958″ align=”center” linkto=”full” ]
From MLB Trade Rumors:

The Rays will announce this afternoon that they have signed Ben Zobrist to a contract extension, according to Marc Topkin of the St. Petersburg Times. The deal buys out Zobrist’s three arbitration seasons, and includes club options for his first two years of free...

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Number One Didn’t Work for CC

Yesterday, CC Sabathia had his worst start of the season. The fact that it was a start in which he gave up just four hits and four runs just goes to show us how great he’s been this season. But, CC’s control was flat out off as he walked six Oakland batters in eight innings...

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Game 15: Yankees 2, Athletics 4

Bronx Cheers:
Brett Gardner: Getting his first start in center this season, Gardner went 0-3.

Nick Johnson: He got his first start of the season at first and went 0-4 without any walks.

Curtain Calls:
Marcus Thames: Thames continues to take advantage of his opportunities, and was responsible for one of the Yankees’ runs yesterday.  He went 1-2 with a solo homer and one strikeout.

Mark Teixeira: Spending the day as the DH, Teixeira continued to improve his hitting, stroking a solo homer in the sixth.  He went 1-4 on the day.

Francisco Cervelli: The backup catcher was the only Yankee to get more than one hit on the day.  He went 2-3.

Random Notes:
Triple Play: The last time the Yankees turned a triple play was in 1968 and it was turned by Dooley Womack, Bobby Cox and Mickey Mantle.  Since then every other major league team turned a triple play before the Yankees turned theirs yesterday.…

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Unwritten or not, ARod’s response was wrong

Dallas Braden is a major league ballplayer. Sure he’s not at the level of an ARod or someone who has accomplished many, many things in the league already.  But he’s a professional and therefore due a level of respect.  To flat-out diss Braden by noting the number of wins is exactly the thing that people used to say about ARod: that he’s only concerned about his numbers.  [To his credit, ARod seemed to adopt the team-first approach last year, but who knows what was/is really going on behind the scenes.]

I admire Braden for defending his turf and standing up to a ballplayer who has, in his mind, done something disrespectful.  Even someone in the lofty perch that ARod now inhabits.  There was no reason for ARod to big-time Dallas Braden.  Braden’s full response:

“(The Yankees) are an extremely classy organization with guys who always tend to do the right thing every time; it’s kind of disheartening to see that not show through or be reflected by somebody of (Rodriguez’s) status,” Braden said after the game.

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