Are you a starting pitcher with a run-yielding problem?

Then talk to your doctor to see if the 2010 Yankees* are right for you.

Including last night’s rain-shortened affair against the Twins that will be completed at 5:05pm today, the Yankees have not scored a run in the first five innings of a game since last Thursday, a span of four straight games. And if you go back through the first five innings of the last six games, they have scored a total of five runs. That’s 5 runs over 30 innings.

If we dial that up to the sixth inning, those numbers become 7 runs over 35 innings. That’s a 1.80 ERA that pitchers have compiled against the Yankee offense during innings 1 through 6 over the last six games. And if we look at the first seven innings of the last five games, we get 10 runs over 40 innings, or a still offensively anemic 2.25 ERA.

Additionally, opposing starters have thrown quality starts in the past four games, and that number would have been five had Wade Davis pitched one more scoreless third of an innings. Basically, the Yankee offense has been nonexistent for almost 80% of their games during the past six days.

Cliff Corcoran, someone who I seldom disagree with, doesn’t consider the offense a problem at the moment, but these are some damning numbers right here.

* Side effects may include constipation, diarrhea, dizziness, fluid retention, heartburn, indigestion and morphing into Arthur Rhodes.

2 thoughts on “Are you a starting pitcher with a run-yielding problem?

  1. Arthur "Rhodes-show" is goddamn saint out of the bullpen. The king of middle relief pitching, if you will.

  2. If by saint you mean "someone the Yankees have lit up to the tune of .294/.380/.509 over 52(!) games," then I agree with you.