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3 thoughts on “Baseballers have become hypersensitive

  1. If I had lost as many to the Yankees as the Twins have I might be a little frustrated, too.  I suppose Gardenhire has never sent is catcher to the mound to talk to his pitcher to give a reliever a little more time.  Or throw over to first a few times for the same purpose.  Should the Yankees have faked an injury?  I hear that works, too.

  2. Meh, I don’t think it’s that bad. More than anything, he’s advocating a change to the rule. I don’t think he’s ripping Girardi for anything.

  3. I’m with Brien here.  Gardy’s not ripping Girardi.  He’s not calling the move bush-league.  He is saying that managers shouldn’t be allowed to stall like this in order to make up for the mistake the manager made by not getting the reliever he wants up and throwing when he should have.   He’s advocating for a rule change, that a pitcher who goes onto the mound at the start of the inning needs to face a batter before being removed.  I don’t think that’s unreasonable.  While I view this as distinct from mid-inning stall tactics to allow relievers to get ready, I’d probably also support requiring pitchers to face a batter after a pitching coach and/or catcher comes out to visit.