Bye Bye Boone

Since the Yankees re-signed Chad Gaudin yesterday, there had to be some sort of “casualty” on the Yankee roster. It turned out that Shane Lindsay was Designated for Assignment and Boone Logan was sent packing to Scranton. I think this is something just about everyone in the Yankee blogosphere is happy about.

The lefty’s first stint (and hopefully only stint for a long time) in Pinstripes wasn’t 2009-Wangian, but it was frustrating nonetheless. While Logan flashed some good velocity–average fastball of 93 MPH–that was the only real positive.

Starting from the top, Logan’s got a 5.06 ERA with a 5.17 FIP and 5.23 xFIP as well as a 6.45 (60+) tRA. That’s just all sorts of bad right there.

Then, there’s the control issue. In 10.2 innings, Logan walked 7 (5.91/9 innings) while striking out only 6 (5.06 K/9) leading to a K/BB of 0.86. Any time you’ve got a K/BB of less than one, you’ve done something very wrong.

As the second lefty out of the bullpen, Logan’s primary job was to get lefties out. He didn’t do that. At all. His line against lefties reads: .357/.526/.500/1.026 with five walks and three strikeouts. LOOGY fail.

Perhaps we’re being too hard on Boone, as he was just the second lefty out of the bullpen, but I’m definitely glad to see him go. It seemed as if he was around just for the sake of having another lefty, and that’s not really a good strategy. I am, however, looking forward to Chad Gaudin’s second go ’round with the Yankees.

His 8.83 ERA and 5.94 FIP look really bad, but it’s worth noting that his xFIP is 3.92. I don’t think he’ll be giving up 2.60 HR/9 all season. If and when that number comes down, so will the others.

So, in summary: welcome back to the Bombers, Chad; enjoy scenic Scranton.

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