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One thought on “Vote Early, Vote Often

  1. This again? Of the 32? players on each team, a grand total of 9 are chosen by the fans, and most  of the choices are defensable.

    As for who “deserves” to be there, that is entirely in the eye of the beholder. No where in any rule book does it say they must be the best at their position, or have the better stats. All you need to “deserve” being an AllStar is to be selected.

    And what sticks in people’s craw the most? That “it counts”. That Selig and Co made an attempt to stop the ASG from being the complete joke it was after the… 2004?.. game. Sure, its an arbitrary as hell way to decide HFA in the World Series, but I have yet to hear one proposal that wasn’t.

    You know I love you most of the time, Jason, but the elitist bullshit that comes out at AllStar time drives me bugshit.