3 New Mock Drafts Have Yanks Taking 3 Different Guys

This morning, I talked a bit a bout Anthony Ranaudo and the 2010 MLB Draft. Of course, over the next few hours, I saw 3 new mock drafts from BA, Keith Law, and Frankie Piliere, and each had the Yankees taking someone else at #32.

Law has the Yankees taking Christian Yelich, a 1B/OF out of high school. Law thinks Yelich should make plenty of contact in the majors but could struggle to generate a ton of power. Defensively, he sees him as a left fielder due to good speed, and could even see him ending up in center if his arm improves from its currently abysmal state. Yelich is 26th on Law’s big board, and would be a solid but unimaginative pick.

Piliere thinks the Yankees will take West Virginia SS/2B Jedd Gyorko, who is 57th on Law’s draft board. Gyorko is a solid bat without a clear position who may eventually be forced out of the middle infield. He has no plus-plus skills, but is average at worst across the board. I really do not love this idea, as Gyorko is the kind of unspectacular prospect that the Yankees have no business taking in the first round. I am not particularly concerned, as Gyorko does not seem to fit Damon Oppenheimer’s typical first round wishlist, and seems more in line with the David Adams (3rd round) and Brad Suttle (4th) selections.

BA predicts that the Yankees will snag Tyrell Jenkins, a high school righty out of Texas. Mike Axisa at RAB provides the following scouting report:

With a live arm and a fluid delivery, he pumps fastballs in the 91-93 mph range and has touched 95. There’s lots of room to fill out in his 6-foot-4, 180 lb. frame, so he should add velocity. Jenkins has also flashed the ability to spin two kinds of breaking balls as well as maintain arm speed on his changeup, but he’s inexperienced on the mound and it’s all a work in progress.

Like Mike, I would be highly in favor of picking Jenkins (23rd on Law’s board), as I am of the belief that the Yankees should be drafting with a focus on high upside in the first round. They can try and fill in with high probability types later on by going above slot and enticing those players with signability concerns or college commitments.

Interestingly enough, all three mock’s have Anthony Ranaudo, the player I have discussed twice in recent weeks, going to Boston at #20. With Ranaudo looking healthier in the last few weeks, it seems that everyone sees him as having recouped his first round status, and no one sees him sliding past Boston. I was unsure about whether I wanted the Yankees to take him, but I hope he does not end up with Boston, as he has good upside and should move through the minors quickly.

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  1. Can’t go crazy over a RS selection of Anthony Ranaudo. Sure, Ranaudo’s way better than what he showed and the SEC tournament performance only strengthens Boras’s case. Ranaudo can always go back to school for senior year if the RS don’t pay up. I wonder if Theo doesn’t roll the dice and look to pick Ranaudo with a supplemental pick. Here’s the thing … paying Ranaudo will eat into your draft budget, and given that its taken him soo long to put together a string of strong performances, why gamble a 20th overall pick if there are definitely talented high schoolers on the board? I think Ranaudo finds himself out of the 1st round, but i wouldn’t shed tears to see Theo pick him.

    • Assuming he’s able to come back from injury and a team is confident in his stuff, a high-floor innings eater that could be a #2 is a very, very good pick.

      Yes, it’ll eat into the budget, but a team may get lots of immediate return on investment as well. While a high-upside HS player at pick 20 may be less costly, there’s a higher bust rate associated with that.

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  3. I doubt they’ll take Gyorko. He reminds me a bit of Brett Jackson in that he’s not going to wow you with anything, but he’s solid across the board. The Yankees passed on Jackson for the higher upside talent, and I think they’ll do the same. I’d definitely like to see the Yankees snag Jenkins.