ARod’s grand slam

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8 thoughts on “ARod’s grand slam

  1. Gino

    Love the pic, hate the name of the blog

  2. Jason@IIATMS

    I’m batting .500

  3. Larry@IIATMS

    Love the shot!   (Yours I mean; I didn’t see A-Rod’s)

  4. HIM

    Where did you learn to do that?

  5. Matt in SF

    what camera / lens did you use for the shot?

  6. rufuswashere

    Isn't it great how the sound of a well-struck ball by a power hitter is different?  I suspect even from up high (where were your seats?), that one sounded special.

  7. Jason@IIATMS

    Rufus: We knew it instantly.  I mean, we SMELLED it coming.  That's why I had the camera trained on ARod.  Sitting there, with my boys and wife, all saying "here comes a grand slam", then BOOM.

    Good times.

  8. Jason@IIATMS

    Matt, it’s a Canon EOS. Using the larger lens 55-250, I believe.

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