The people in my section

Carl Spackler was here.  Good thing he was wearing camo, otherwise I might have seen him. He gets a pass because it was Memorial Day and there were lots of servicemen and women present.

I call this one: “Neck sausage”.

Purple rain:

The Rhinestone Cowgirl.  Perhaps worse than any pink hat you will see. Though, after you see some of the others…

Did you get a free die-cast truck with that Yankee hat, lady?

“Root, root, root for the Celtics…” (Yes, this is a Yankee hat)

I would have thought that Kevin Jonas of The Jonas Brothers would have access to better seats than this. And a better hat.  Not a better vest, though.

Not everything was bad. Brosius FTW!

Name on the back of an adult jersey. Check. FAIL.  Supporting David Cone? WIN.

Red Yankee cap. First sign of bad parenting.  I blame the parents.

Berra and Rizzuto, like the good old days, when the Yanks had names on the back of their jerseys. Wait. Nevermind.

Name on the back of an adult jersey. Plus a red Yankee hat. Double FAIL.

Sweet Lou’s in the house. Haven’t seen one of these in, I dunno, decades? I was diggin’ it.

Adult wearing personalized Yankee jersey. Security, have this man removed, immediately. Have you no shame, man?

Don’t. Be. THIS. Guy. “Dooooode!”

Wonderboy with a GREAT hat.

Goes to show: people are sheep and will buy anything.  Red Yankee gear, on an adult? C’mon people.

The colors of Ireland’s flag. I know this because on the other side, there’s also a shamrock. And the girl wearing it is not Irish.

So what’s the best? The worst?

SEND ME YOUR BEST/WORST from your next game you go to, or from any game you’ve been to. If they’re great, I’ll run ’em!

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108 thoughts on “The people in my section

  1. Jason – I am going to the game on Saturday and now I know I will notice even MORE of the wackos in my section.  Since everyone here likes the pictures so much, I’ll keep an eye out for any really good ones and let you know!

  2. The Hess sponsored one of the Yankee hat days. That particular hat was given away to people at the door.

  3. The gentleman in the green hat is my stepfather, who sat in my season seats for this game because I was working.  He's been wearing that hat for years (bought it for a trip to Ireland), is a die-hard Yankee fan, and I can guarantee you that he's never even considered that the shamrock on the back could be associated with the Celtics.

    This kind of gameday attire critique is a relatively new phenomenon.  I've thought about it quite a bit recently, and I don't know which I prefer:  People wearing stupid Yankee gear, or people not wearing Yankee gear at all…

  4. I don't think your section of fans is that different than most other sections these days. I don't particularly care for the names on jerseys either but the truth is the jerseys without names are very pricey. The wave on the other hand is ridiculous especially when it's being done in the middle of an important part of the game. Although I know their is much down time during a game  while you were taking all these pictures were you able to watch any of the game? (just kidding) To summarize these are the current Yankee fans that attend the games. They may not resemble the previous fans that may have preferred to fight in the stands and throw D batteries at opposing outfielders but who are we to define who are true Yankee fans.

  5. The Best:  Everyone deciding to be original and having their own style (and *gasp* to the Yankees for recognizing that and not only producing the same boring navy and gray crap.

    The Worst:  You purporting to be a real fan spending half your game critiquing the rest of the paying customers in your section who probably saw more of the game and were probably much more into it than you.