In Praise of Phil Hughes

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So, about last night.  Let’s see, Nick Johnson went down with a wrist injury.  Josh Beckett beaned Robinson Cano and Derek Jeter and brushed back Francisco Cervelli two separate times.  Alex Rodriguez and CC Sabathia both screamed at Beckett from the dugout, and...

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Yankee Injury Situation Should Be Expected

After finishing the semester from hell, I will now be returning to 1-2 posts per day. And I’d like to start with something that I’ve been thinking about for some time.

The Yankees have had a bad week on the injury front. To recap, they are:

  • Curtis Granderson is to miss about a month with a groin...
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Be careful about reading Josh Beckett’s mind

On last night’s YES broadcast, much was made by Michael Kay in the 6th inning about how Josh Beckett seemed “disinterested” after the Gardner walk. That he was hitting batters intentionally to force Tito Francona’s hand and get him out of a game that he no longer...

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Yanks thump Sox 10-3 as Hughes improves to 4-0

Well, that was a strange game.

The Yankees beat the Red Sox 10-3 on Friday night, although it certainly didn’t look like a game that would end up with a stereotypical Fenway...

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Johnson leaves game with sore wrist

In the 5th inning of today’s game, which is still underway, Marcus Thames pinch-hit for the Yankees’ designated hitter, Nick Johnson. In the 6th inning, we learned that Johnson had been pulled due to a “sore right wrist.” Now, this could be a big problem for the Yankees given that Johnson played in 38 games...

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Has Johnson’s mechanical changes hurt him?

Here’s an interesting bit of text via Bryan Hoch from early March:

The goal is to cut out the movement of Johnson’s back foot in the box, which should help him generate power.

“I’m just trying not to drift, trying to be more direct,” Johnson said. “I’m working on turning...

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