Robinson Cano Still Doesn’t Like to Walk

Last night, Robinson Cano got two more hits and two more runs batted in. That’s what Robbie does. He’s now got 63 hits on the season and 30 runs batted in. As the five hitter behind Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira, that’s awesome. There is, however, something Robinson Cano still doesn’t do: take walks.

Now, I’ll...

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You Can’t Predict Baseball

“Well Suzyn, you know, you just can’t predict baseball”

As Yankee fans, how many times have we heard John Sterling utter those words?

They’ve become something of a mantra, something to repeat any time something odd happens, like when Daisuke Matsuzaka takes a no-hitter into the eighth or when Mariano Rivera gives up a grand slam.

Yet these...

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Watch Your Head!

Experience and Aptitude

Let’s start with a basic scenario. When teaching a kid how to ride a bike, do you tell him/her to wear a helmet? Of course. Kids are generally bad with balance, and considering that balance is essential to riding a two-wheeler, it might be a good idea to dress them up in catcher’s equipment and a couple of those shields that Barry Bonds used to wear as well. Kids are beginners, and everyone takes all the safety precautions necessary because crashes, etc. are par for the course. But after a period of time, do you continue to monitor their helmet-wearing habits so closely? After they’ve proven their ability to ride a bike, do you even care so much that they wear a helmet? Probably not.

It’s a similar situation in baseball. Little Leaguers get to wear the enormous and bulky-looking helmets with the cage on the front. There are obvious reasons for this. Kids have little command as pitchers, and their reaction times as batters aren’t exactly Martin Brodeur-esque.…

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Jeter Heating Up?

I’ve been hard on Derek Jeter so far this season so I think I should make up for it a bit and give him some credit.

Since leaving Detroit (not including lats night’s game), he’s got a .304/.339/.429/.768 line. Granted that’s not great and not what we’re used to from Derek, but it’s acceptable...

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Game 47: Yankees 2, Minnesota 8

The Yankees finally scored in the fourth, when Brett Gardner led off the inning with a single.  Gardner moved to second when Mauer made a throwing error on a pickoff attempt.  Robinson Cano then singled to center, scoring Gardner.  The Twins, however, would get the run back in the fifth when Hudson led off the inning with a triple.  Vazquez intentionally walked Justin Morneau and Jim Thome hit a sac fly to bring the score to 4-1.

The Yankees kept the game close in the top of the sixth.  Mark Teixiera doubled to center and Cano doubled him in, putting the Yankees within two.  Unfortunately, for the Pinstripes, Minnesota would quickly close the book on them and send the Yankees back to New York with a loss.  Jason Kubel hit a solo homer in the bottom of the sixth.  Chan Ho Park walked Joe Mauer and gave up a single to Justin Morneau to start the bottom of the seventh.  Damaso Marte came in and got Jim Thome to pop out before Chad Gaudin made his first appearance back with the Yankees.  …

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