Yankees take two in Minnesota on strength of Pettitte, Swisher and Jeter

Not so fast, Tom Verducci. The Yankees picked up two victories yesterday against the Minnesota Twins, which also represented their second and third first two one-run wins of the season (h/t to Bex). David Robertson, Joba Chamberlain and Mariano Rivera combined to pitch four scoreless innings while Derek Jeter provided the lone run scored in the game, a solo bomb to left-center, and as it was hit in the 6th inning A.J. Burnett was able to notch the win, a nice reward for his five shutout innings of work on Tuesday night. The Andy Pettitte World Domination Tour™ continued in Continue reading Yankees take two in Minnesota on strength of Pettitte, Swisher and Jeter

Baseballers have become hypersensitive

No, this isn’t about Dallas Braden’s defending of his turf or a player stealing a base with a seven run lead. This is about Ron Gardenhire getting a bit steamed about Girardi’s “gamesmanship” in the bottom of the ninth:

“No, he wasn’t going to throw a pitch. That was kind of tired, to tell you the truth. You don’t know normally get that long between innings to do all that, but we know what’s going on there. That’s a situation major league baseball needs to take care of when stuff like that happens. You don’t have a guy ready in the bullpen, if your starter goes out there, he should have to face a hitter. That’s just the way it should be. If you don’t get a guy up, that’s the way it should be, unless the other team makes a change.

“But that’s not what lost the game for us. That’s stuff that just gets old right there.”

I have the utmost respect for Gardenhire; he’s a wonderful manager and a perfect fit for that team. But c’mon… Girardi wasn’t breaking rules, he was merely doing what he is allowed to do… stall within limits. Trickeration.

I was lobbying for Pettitte to stay in the game, facing a lefty, having thrown just 94 pitches so having Pettitte go out there wasn’t unreasonable. So he had Pettitte go out to the hill, loosen up while Mo did the same in the bullpen.

Gamesmanship. Not breaking of the sacred, yet fluid, “unwritten rules of the game”. Something Gardenhire is probably very good at, too. All good managers have to have a firm grasp of the rules and how to stretch them in their favor. Billy Martin could have called the umps over to discuss George Brett’s bat innings earlier, but he put that info in his back pocket until it was needed and when it was needed – BOOM! Gamesmanship.

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Game 45: Yankees 1, Twins 0

On Tuesday night the Yankees started their first game in Minnesota’s brand new, open to the elements stadium, Target Field.  After a lengthy rain delay, the game was suspended until Wednesday night.  The Yankees broke the scoreless tie immediately, and held the lead to win the game 1-0, just a little less than 24 hours after the game had originally started.

A.J. Burnett and Scott Baker both started the game and they were throwing, keeping both sides scoreless through five innings.  Brian Duensing took over pitching duties for the Twins, and after striking out Kevin Russo in the top of the sixth, Derek Jeter sent the ball over the left center field fence to give the Yankees the first – and only – lead of the game.  David Robertson (who is starting to look better this season), Joba Chamberlain and Mariano Rivera combined to keep the Twins scoreless and manage to give Burnett the win in a game he had started the day before.

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A great rant

This, my friends, is a lesson on how to rant, by Professor Ozzie:

“Because he’s a f—ing a–hole, that’s what he is. I just went out to ask him … I wasn’t asking about the balk because you’re not allowed, anytime you go out there to ask about balk or whatever. The thing I went out to ask him about was why he was embarrassing Buehrle. I’m not going out to argue about the balk because the rule, but I went out to ask him why he’s embarrassing Buehrle and he give me one of this [dismissing him with his hands]. When you’re a professional and you have to respect the managers, the way we’re supposed to respect the umpires, they are supposed to respect back. Obviously they have more power than we have and we have to wear it every time that happens. That’s the reason I got tossed. I don’t think he has the right and the power to let people know who is the chief on the field. We know he has to control the game, we know he has to control all the s—, but in the meanwhile, I don’t think it was the right thing to do, like we balked him while we were on the field. Joe has been like that for a lot of years, and he’s always going to be like this. I’m not going to change it, nobody is going to change it, but sometimes he thinks f—ing people pay to watch him f—ing umpire. He’s the type of guy that wants to control the game, it’s good for the game, and to me one of the best umpires in the game, no doubt. But in the meanwhile, those years are on his shoulders and kind of heavy and showing people who he is. I deserve respect and the players here deserve respect here, too. When you tell the manager to get the f— off the field, I don’t think that’s a good way to handle situations. No matter what you say, what you do, how long you talk here, Major League Baseball doesn’t do s— for anything. I’ll be waiting for my fine, get ’em the next day.”

“I said why are you embarrassing Buehrle? He said, ‘Well Buehrle was doing …’ well, you got two choices, the second choice he has, and he was wrong the first time or the second time, either one was wrong. Because you don’t like what Buehrle did the first time you should toss him. You shouldn’t embarrass him. That’s the way he is.”

Relevance to the Yanks taking two games yesterday? None. Sorry. But my disdain for Joe West runs pretty deep.

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Keeping up with the ex-Yanks May 27th edition

It’s been 2 weeks since my last update, so it’s time for another edition. In recent news, Brian Bruney has been released by the Nats. Mike Scioscia has dropped Hideki Matsui from the clean up spot and is considering platooning the Japanese slugger, who’s done little after his hot start. Austin Jackson and Tyler Clippard are coming back down to Earth after their extremely hot starts. Ian Kennedy has continued to pitch well for Arizona and Mike Dunn is earning himself an MLB call up from the Braves. Here’s the full list: Melky Cabrera– G-43 PA-142 H-27 BB-15 HR-1 SO-17 Continue reading Keeping up with the ex-Yanks May 27th edition

Pitching, timely hitting, gives Yankees sweep of 1.5-header

Despite only scoring four runs in thirteen innings of play on Wednesday, the Yankees managed to walk away with two wins.  Game 1 began in the top of the 6th inning of the suspended game from Tuesday.  After a strikeout by Kevin Russo, Derek Jeter put the game’s first run on the board with a solo homer to center.  That would be all the scoring that the Yankees would need, as the bullpen combined for four scoreless innings. David Robertson “started” the game in the 6th inning, and was greeted by a stinging line drive off the bat of Joe Continue reading Pitching, timely hitting, gives Yankees sweep of 1.5-header

Remember when Gardner and Cervelli were AAAA players?

Let’s take a swing back to one of the more heartwarming moments of 2009.

Back on May 15, 2009, Brett Gardner was a bit player on the Yankees, a speedy but powerless rookie who had played his way into contention for a starting spot with Melky Cabrera, but wasn’t expected to succeed. Alyssa Esposito was a name on a long waiting list for a new heart—at list she had been on for more than 100 days—and with each passing day, her own hopes were dimming. This unlikely pair was brought into contact by Project Sunshine, a charity which works to bring authors and celebrities into hospitals to read and play with sick children.

That day, Alyssa gave Brett a project sunshine bracelet, suggesting that it’d help him hit a home run. Gardner’s first thought?

“ Yeah, right. I don’t hit home runs” (H/T Samantha Strong and Corky Siemaszko) Continue reading Remember when Gardner and Cervelli were AAAA players?

Yanks bring back Chad Gaudin

How inevitable was this move? The Yankees have re-signed right-hander Chad Gaudin, who was recently released by the A’s, adding him to their bullpen as a long reliever. This is likely a reaction to the loss of Alfredo Aceves, as the reliever reaggravated a back injury yesterday that could ultimately lead to surgery. Presumably, Sergio Mitre will take over Aceves’ role in the bullpen with Gaudin supplanting Mitre. To be honest, while many are worried about the loss of Aceves, I don’t see the concern, at least not to the degree in which it is being discussed. While I get Continue reading Yanks bring back Chad Gaudin

Slump Watch: Team Edition

Just when I thought the Yankees’ recent performance couldn’t get any weirder, it does. I wasn’t in a position to watch yesterday’s game. Around 10pm I asked a friend of mine for a score update. You can imagine my surprise upon learning it was 0-0 in the 6th. I didn’t realize until I got home what had happened. Despite their poor play, the Yankees still have a playoff position in the standings. But their once insurmountable Wild Card lead now seems entirely surmountable. Toronto and Detroit are breathing down the team’s neck, and, don’t look now, but Boston is 7-3 Continue reading Slump Watch: Team Edition