Comparing Hughes’ Last Two Starts

Last night was the first start under the “Hughes Rules” and it did not go well. Phil gave up ten hits, seven runs (six earned), with two walks and three strikeouts in 5.2 innings. Let’s examine his last start before the extended rest–6/19 vs. the Mets–and his start last night through the ever friendly Pitch...

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Nick Swisher’s Weird Year


Nick Swisher has had something of a scorching first half.  In 305 plate appearances, he’s knocked 13 home runs and 47 RBI with a batting average of .292 and an on-base and slugging percentage of .372 and .517, respectively.  If you prefer the more advanced stats, Swisher...

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The Case for Cooperstown: Jorge Posada

It’s always tricky to engage in a player’s Hall of Fame merits when he’s still playing if his case is not slam-dunk in either the positive or negative direction. Such is true of Yankee backstop, Jorge Posada. At first thought, most may not make the leap to say Posada is worthy of enshrinement in the...

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Spare me the excuses, will ya?

And to Marchand’s credit, he also provides the counter-argument:

Rules or no, the 24-year-old Hughes has not pitched well lately. Hughes has allowed 36 runs this season, 18 of them in his first 10 starts. In his last four outings, including Tuesday night’s seven-spot, he has given up just as many. Hughes doesn’t think skipping his start had any impact Tuesday.

Not at all,” said Hughes, whose record dropped to 10-2 and whose ERA crept up to 3.58.


On Tuesday, the cutter was the problem pitch, Hughes said, while his fastball didn’t have its normal explosion, which was odd because he said he felt “stronger” with the extra rest.

Marchand has Girardi’s thoughts below:

Still, Girardi has faith in the Rules. He even evoked last year’s championship to show the Yankees have a master plan that works.

“His health is the most important thing for the long term,” Girardi said. “Those are decisions we have looked long and hard at and they have done a lot of research on it.

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Game 76: Mariners 7, Yankees 4

The Mariners continued to slowly build their lead over the next few innings.  A solo homer by Gutierrez in the top of the fourth gave them a 3-1 lead.  Rob Johnson hit a ground rule double to start the fifth and moved to third on Saunders sac bunt.  A sac fly by Ichiro put Seattle ahead 4-1.

Things really fell apart for the Yankees and Phil Hughes in the sixth inning.  Milton Bradley worked a walk with one out and moved to second on a ground out by Lopez.  Hughes then intentionally walked Gutierrez.  A single by Jack Wilson scored Bradley and Gutierrez and Wilson moved up a base on a missed catch error by Francisco Cervelli.  Johnson then doubled to left, sending Gutierrez and Wilson home and chasing Hughes from the game as Seattle’s lead sat at 7-1.

Nick Swisher started the bottom of the sixth with a solo homer, but the Yankees were unable to  build up any momentum.  …

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Cliff Lee pitches complete game as Mariners spank Yanks

Cliff Lee wasn’t in vintage form, but was still dominant. He pitched a complete game, allowing only 9 base runners. The Yankees managed 4 runs against the lefty (only 3 of them earned) but it wasn’t enough...

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The BatGlove Story

East-valley (AZ) residents, Stephen Rauso and Philip Rauso, Jr.* invented a device that everyone within MLB, including bat manufacturers, have been searching for. Everyone within Major League Baseball has been working continuously to find a fix for this potentially deadly problem without success. That’s where the Rauso brothers fit into this whole scenario. While driving home to Gilbert, Arizona through the California desert in July 2008, Stephen was inspired after hearing a news report about a woman that was severely injured while attending a baseball game. The broken barrel of the bat flew into the stands and struck her in the head shattering her jaw. She was required to have titanium plates surgically inserted to reconstruct portions of her face. That’s when Stephen realized there is a special type of polymeric tape that is used to protect RV’s and automobiles from road chips and damage that might be able to help fix this safety problem with solid-wood bats.

Stephen has over 17 years experience selling RV’s and travels to and from California every week to support his wife and three young children.…

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Gardner’s Injury Coming at a Bad Time

Allow me to play captain obvious for a second: it’s never a good time for a player to get injured.

[image title="3664852915_7b516df272" size="full" id="19192" align="center" linkto="full" ]

This, however, is a particularly bad time for Brett Gardner to suffer a setback, even if it is just a day-to-day injury.

In June, Gardner is hitting a ridiculous .383/.424/.533/1.006 with...

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