Help say "See ya!" to Michael Kay

Hey Yankee fans,

For those of you who may have missed it — and let’s face it, most of you probably did, given another gorgeous, if slightly muggy, weekend in the City — Yankeeist created a Facebook group page dedicated to ousting Michael Kay as the YES Network’s play-by-play announcer and replacing him with the inimitable Bob Lorenz. Lorenz’s voice was a sound for sore ears this past weekend, as YES took him out of the pre- and postgame studio and placed him in the booth with John Flaherty.

The result was nothing short of transformative, as Lorenz has a naturally smooth timbre to begin with, and is essentially the complete antithesis of Kay’s incessant whining and penchant for pointing things out that would be obvious to a three-year-old. While Lorenz’s dynamic with Flash was great, I couldn’t help but imagine how wonderful a game called by Bob and Kenny “Look Out!” Singleton or Bob and Al Leiter would sound, and the more folks who speak out in encouragement of adding Lorenz to the regular booth rotation, the more likely it becomes. It worked for Betty White and SNL, right?

Anyway, the group already has a robust eight members, but it could (and should) be so much more. If you feel similarly, please take one second out of your day, head to the link below and click “Like” on our Facebook page, spread the word to your friends and let’s see if we can’t get a grassroots movement going to remove annoying voices from Yankee telecasts.

Bob Lorenz to replace Michael Kay as YES play-by-play announcer [Facebook]

5 thoughts on “Help say "See ya!" to Michael Kay

  1. Well that first comment is clearly Michael Kay, or maybe his mother, cuz nobody else in the world likes anything that guy does.

  2. Not his mom or him. His show and games are good called a great game in Baltimore last night. Hit the showers again you didn't use enough soap the first time. By the way only one negative response for this movement. Much like the Team_Leach folks that want Mike back at Texas Tech ;^)

  3. are you nutz? I love michael kay…"Swung on and drilled deep to right" still sends chills down my spine..and the "see ya, see ya, see ya" ! Are you kidding? What kinda Yankee fan are you? An undercover Bitch sox?

  4. These clowns are jealous of Michael Kay's success, his good fortune, his great life and beautiful fiancee.

    Get a life clowns. Michael earned it and he's here to stay.

    Bpb Lorenz and John Flaerty are good for filling in but that week put me to sleep.