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3 thoughts on “Eiland set to return, no-pun-intended comments a-plenty

  1. Are you sure this was a good idea, Jason?  I had figured that the news blackout conspiracy was universal, and was just waiting for you or someone else actually in the know to let the rest of us peons in on the secret.


    But by suggesting Google – well, I did.  And now I've seen the nasty rumour too – without having the faintest idea if it is indeed true or not, or if the rumour I discovered is the same one that you implied might have a basis in fact.


    Hopefully,  the source I found is right – because I could care less if that is his problem; I only wish he had waited til after the season to deal with it. (if I found the right explanation, he likely could have waited; to have done it mid season is as selfish as a player waiting til June to have a procedure that requires 4 months of recuperation.)

  2. Rumors are what they are. 

    Does this one have any validity, I have no idea.  But it's out there, being discussed and alluded to in the Twitterverse and elsewhere.   

  3. Understood.  I was just fished in by your tagline – "even if the source is spot on."  Just kinda figured that was your way of sharing some of your inside knowledge, without getting your Yankees backstage pass pulled.


    I do wish Eiland had waited (if he could have – obviously, cancer, dying relatives, etc – can't wait) – of course, if he were still around Burnett would have to go back to blaming Jorge or something else.