Candid Cashman

“LeBron James is going to be a Knick,” Brian Cashman, ace free-agent recruiter, said Monday after hearing the Stoudemire news . “I’m convinced of it. New York is the place that will allow him to be the player and person he wants to be, and it’s coming together. Just listen to me, LeBron James will be a Knick.”

So there ya go. Except that the Knicks and NBA have to deal with a salary cap and fixed compensation boundaries, even though teams can go over the cap (which the Knicks usually do).

Let the “MLB-needs-a-cap” ranting commence.

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3 thoughts on “Candid Cashman

  1. Actually, this kind of goes back to a point I wish more people understood when they complain about "overpaying" for top players: an asset's value isn't the same to each potential buyer. When Sabathia was on the market, he was worth more money to the Yankees than he was to, say, the Giants, even without thinking about the resource disadvantage. The same thing goes for Matt Holliday last year, who was just priced out of the realm at which the Yankees had a demand for him. That's not to say that there aren't overpaid players, just that there's no singular "market value" for any particular player, certainly not the top players in free agency.