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3 thoughts on “ON SALE NOW: It’s About the Money’s 2010 Trade Deadline Primer

  1. I’m too much of a poor college student to spend $10 on something that isn’t beer or food, but I hope this goes really well for you, Will. It sounds like a great idea. Maybe I can buy the second edition next summer with a degree under my belt. ;)

  2. They really want to charge us for this? It’s pure speculation. I thought it was just a clever play on words. It’s about the money for them too I guess.

  3. Tom,

    One: It’s as much speculation as the news you read in the papers, or see on TV. There were several insider tips in my writing, and I’m sure many more in others’. The point is to *analyze* what is likely to happen, and provide information on trade prospects that most folks will never have even heard of (not Adam Dunn/Cliff Lee/Prince Fielder).

    Two: Your aside would have been clever if we hadn’t already referenced it in the above post.

    Save those beer dollars, buddy.