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5 thoughts on “George M. Steinbrenner, 1930-2010

  1. Shocking news; even if we all knew he his health was failing.  I clicked to read something entertaining about Swish’s foul tip in the HR Derby and find this.
    He will be missed.  He was one of a kind.  God Bless.

  2. All my life I’ve rooted for the Red Sox, so all my life I’ve hated George for making the Yankees great again. Hated him, and loved to hate him. He’s one of the best owners a team could ever have, because all he ever cared about was his team winning, and he put all his resources into that goal. Sometimes he succeeded, and I booed; sometimes he failed, and I cheered. Any baseball fan who claims he would never want George to own his team, is an idiot.
    He was never anything less than fascinating, often for the wrong reasons, but he helped shape my growing love for baseball when I was growing up. His legacy of helping to reignite the insanely entertaining/exasperating Sox/Yankees rivalry probably helped create legions of new baseball fans on both sides, with positive benefits for both teams; and probably for most other teams too.
    He got savaged by the haters on WEEI all the time, yet I remember him personally calling into the station each year during the telethon to make large donations to the Jimmy Fund, and I will never forget that. He helped rocket the Rivalry into orbit, and he could effortless see past it in order to do a good thing.
    RIP George, and a tip of my cap.

  3. MarkH, that was beautiful.  Thank you for commenting.  Your thoughts mean that much more, coming from our hated neighbor to the north.

    I was going to post my own comment on the life of the Boss, but for the moment all I want to say is: what MarkH said.

    I hope I can show as much class as a Yankee fan as MarkH shows as a Red Sox fan.

  4. I have been a yankees fan since i was 2 years old and now am 62. George was an amazing man, yes he was all the things they say he was, but the fact of the matter is, the Yankees were his family and his only demand was making sure they achieved their goal and isn’t that what any parent wants for their kids? My husband is an Indians fan and could never understand my affection for the Yankees. Guess you have to be a fan to know that and to understand the Steinbrenner way. Goodbye George, you will be missed.