Angels Acquire Dan Haren

Just came down about 30 minutes ago on MLBTR, Andrew Baggarly of the Mercury News is reporting via Twitter that the Angels have landed Dan Haren from the Diamondbacks in exchange for Joe Saunders, Patrick Corbin, Rafael Rodriguez, and a player to be named later.

Earlier in the day, Jon Heyman of SI tweeted that the Diamondbacks wanted Joba Chamberlain, Hector Noesi and Dellin Betances in order to make a deal. Since the trade went down soon thereafter, I’ll guess that was the D-Backs final offer. I would have passed on that as well. Betances has the type of upside that you’ll kick yourself over, and he’s been lights out this year.

Folks, don’t underestimate the fact that Haren wanted to play on the west coast, and the D-Backs may have shopped him around enough to get a decent enough package to accommodate him. They’ve long had a rep for being a very player-friendly organization. The fact that they’re losing money may have made them look to deal him, but Haren could have had some input as well.

As far as the packages that were floated around today (Joba/Betances/Noesi) don’t take them at face value. That could be coming from the Yankee side, for damage control purposes.

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  1. What a crappy package. Good job by the D-Backs, dumping Byrnes for a GM who apparently has no idea what he is doing.

    • I have to assume the Joba, Noesi and Betances package was their final offer, since it came down early today. Unless it came from the Yankee side, and they’re just floating an obscene package to protect themselves from any fan/PR backlash. But if that really was the D-Back final offer, then I’d pass.

      • I do find it funny that the Diamondbacks just no longer wanted McAllister, did his dad not like him when they scouted him or something hahaha. It seems like he would have been involved in almost all talks because of that reason and besides Nova he is the most major league ready starter we have in the minors.

  2. They really got nothing in return for Haren here except another 29 year old pitcher who is worse than Haren is…

    To me this was all pride by the Yankees they never wanted to come close to admitting they screwed up Joba and they don’t want him to go to Arizona and have Joba and Kennedy in one rotation making them look bad, this trade could have been done with a simple compromise on both sides and now neither team really gets much at all.

    If the Diamondbacks had agreed to pay most of Harens contractand the Yankees had agreed to take on Chad Qualls they could have thrown in Joba and traded Zmac, Nova and Joba and gotten Haren and Qualls back.

    • I think the D-Backs wanted a veteran pitcher to anchor their staff. Right now, IPK would be either their #1 or #2 starter.

      As far as the Yanks go, there was no sense of urgency on their part. They were only in this if they could steal him, which they couldn’t.

      • They still don’t have anyone on their staff better than a number 3 starter… Kennedy, Jackson and Saunders are all at best a 3 on good rotations and Kennedy’s peripheral numbers suggest he should be a 4 or 5 on a winning team.

        There may not have been a sense of urgency but I don’t think anyone can deny Cashman has his pride on the line with both Joba and Hughes.

        Brian has been trying to draft and develop an ace starter his entire time with the organization which is why he has gone after the guys like Betances and Brackman and it’s why guys like Hughes and Joba got the early hype they got. For him to turn around and trade Joba now would be admitting that he failed in making him a dominant starter and is Arizona was able to turn him around and make him a great starter (I doubt it but anythings possible) it would have made him look all the worse with them having both IPK and Joba.

        Chamberlain is quickly showing himself to have the mental makeup of a middle reliever and quickly.

        • I would have included Joba, but we don’t know if that (plus filler) would have been enough. If you were the D-Backs, and you saw the way Joba’s regressed the past few years, you’d have to say his stock is way down. I’d want another top flight prospect on top of him.

          • I just heard that they would have brought Joba in and made him the closer and that there was no way they were going to make the trade with the Yankees unless they could bring in Joba and the Yankees said no.

            I think this deal very easily could have been done with some compromises on both sides but Cashman doesn’t want to admit that he may have screwed Joba’s development over and at this point I think it would be hard to argue he didn’t.

          • if Cashman wins the World Series in 2010 by trading Joba, he could care less about hsi “pride” or anything anyone says about how Joba was handled. Winning it all is the ultimate revenge on your critics.

          • Yeah but I think it has been clear for quite some time that Cashman wants ultimate mark on player development to be to win a World Series with an ace pitcher he has developed through his system and giving up on Joba now by trading him would be admitting that once again he had to rely on the “store bought ace”.

  3. I would have passed on that offer myself but I think it’s funny that baseball has reached a point where you almost have to turn down getting a proven veteran pitcher when you are giving up 3 guys who may never start in the major leagues 1 of which is in double A at the age of 23 and the other has never even reached double A at the age of 22.

    Baseball use to be all about the proven commodity and now it’s about possibly looking stupid 4 or 5 years down the road.

  4. I am very happy we stood pat..all out on lee next year . Around 26mil…pettitte , vasques, igawa money to play with..

    • One doesn’t exclude the other I just don’t understand the logic on lets not win this year so we can sign Cliff Lee that everyone seems to have.

      • I think the logic is that they are the best team in the sport as is, and need small tweaks rather than major moves.

        • I forgot that having the best record in baseball was what won you a championship…

          You might want to go ask LeBron why he just left a world championship team then because the Cavs had the best record in the league last year and they didn’t even make it to the championship.

          Right now our playoff rotation is Sabathia, Burnett, Vasquez and Hughes and since Hughes has an innings limit they say they won’t go over he probably won’t be a starter in the playoffs so when Andy comes back we end up with Sabathia, Burnett, Pettitte and Vasquez.

          I don’t trust Burnett in the playoffs at all and I really don’t think he is going to be as good as last year… It seems that everyone forgot that Hughes was scared stiff in the playoffs last year and was far from the dominant reliever he was in the regular season and that was with less innings under his belt. Andy is a year older than he was last year and has already gotten injured in an area that is integral to his delivery and when was the last time Javy pitched in the playoffs and dominated?

          I’m not saying this is a bad team but I don’t believe we are as good as last year and this time if we make it to the world series we won’t have home field advantage.

          People just seem to be under the allusion that the Yankees are guaranteed to win this years series and already looking into next year and Cliff Lee and to me that just doesn’t make sense, do what it takes to win this year before you move on to number 29.

      • who said lets not win? we have the best record in baseball.. Moshe’s opinion i agree with. Lets not panic.. you better get used to burnett we own him for a long me hughes was tired not scared.. haren had a bad NL year ..that scares me..most home runs ..most hits against this year..maybe he is in a real off year..and as someone posted ,has a history
        of rough second half’s. lets see what he does with the angels..give robertson the eighth inn.when does aceves come back,anyone know? also did Arod take Xrays

        • Big difference in winning in the regular season and the post season… You don’t get to take 3 of 4 from the Royals in the ALCS.

          It’s not about panic it’s about understanding we have a need that has to be addressed (bullpen) and there is almost no one available to sign or trade for that can help out in that capacity, there are no Mr. Fix it’s in this years trade deadline group.

          Then you disagree with Dave Eiland because Dave came out after the season was over and said that he thought Hughes was pitching scared… I saw it, Dave saw it and it has been discussed here and on I-yankees multiple times to the point I think it’s an almost unanimous conclusion that he was scared on the mound multiple times in the playoffs.

          Right now we can’t expect Aceves to ever be back… He may or may not ever pitch again at this point he had a very serious injury, to herniate a disc and for someone who uses their back as much as a pitcher does this is very scary. Every time he has picked up a ball he has suffered a set back that is one of the main reasons we need some kind of pen help.

  5. Ken Rosenthal is reporting that the Yankees were never seriously engaged with the D-Backs and have not talked to them in two days. Basically, most of these rumors over who might be included and who was held back were likely crap.

    • ..and that could have been floated (pardon the pun) by the D-Backs. Just like the way the Mariners told everyone what the Yanks were offering, and made Texas jump out of their shoes with an offer. It seems the thought that the Yanks are involved is an excellent way for GMs to get other teams to raise their bids.

      • You can’t blame them no one wants to see the rich get richer and in the case of the Yankees it seems they are always trying, it’s hard not to believe a rumor if their involved because they tend to get the guys they really want.

  6. Ken Rosenthal is reporting that the Yankees were never seriously engaged with the D-Backs and have not talked to them in two days. Basically, most of these rumors over who might be included and who was held back were likely crap.  

    Who really knows anymore with all the different media outlets available to people and teams it’s hard to tell what is made up to make a story, what is real and what is put out by teams for misdirection.

    To me this was the best move available that allows you to keep Montero (If I’m the Royals I don’t trade Soria for anything less than Montero and the ship) and I’m not crazy about bringing in a Dotel type of reliever but it’s obvious we need an upgrade in the pen and Jake Westbrook and Brett Myers aren’t what I have in mind.

    This is where injuries really kill you if we could just have some hope of getting Aceves back then I’m not sure bullpen would be as big an issue as it currently seems to be, I think people have forgotten but last year we had one of the better bullpens in all of baseball and it was still shaky come playoff time.

    • soria did not impress me the other day..if the ump made the right call..who knows..

      • Soria is the best closer in the AL right now except for maybe Mo and the fact that I have to say MAYBE Mo shows you how good he truly is, don’t kid yourself on his talent just because we won’t be getting him.

  7. That’s where Granderson comes into play. The Yankees could have Austin Jackson at low cost right now, a valuable lefty reliever in Phil Coke, and Ian Kennedy over Sergio Mitre making starts in Andy Pettitte‘s absence. The money owed to Granderson could easily be earmarked for Haren, plus the pieces you traded to Detroit might be enough to get Haren here without giving up the beloved Joba Chamberlain. To top it off, perhaps we wouldn’t have to speculate about Lee or Haren, rather make it Lee and Haren.

    Interesting take by Mike. While I wouldn’t call him an albatross just yet, you have to wonder if the Yanks would have been more aggressive with Haren had they not made the Grandy deal, with the effects it would have had in their 2010 (and beyond) payroll.

    • The Granderson trade was a good trade and the right move. And Austin Jackson wouldnt be starting now, the Yankees didnt see him as a MLB player this year. They would have signed someone else.

      • It’s clearly hindsight, but that’s how we ultimately assess trades, right? Wait a few years and see how they worked out. This season’s not over yet, so we can’t make any final judgments.But there’s no doubt we could use another pitcher, lefty reliever and OF, which is exactly what we gave up.

        His post reminded me of that piece you did back in your MVN days, where you looked at what the Yankee roster would have been had they made no trades/FA signings for the past X number of years.

        • In this case though we haven’t even waited a couple of years, we haven’t even waited a year to start the assessing, how many big time free agents have an adjustment period in the Bronx?

  8. That’s where Granderson comes into play. The Yankees could have Austin Jackson at low cost right now, a valuable lefty reliever in Phil Coke, and Ian Kennedy over Sergio Mitre making starts in Andy Pettitte‘s absence. The money owed to Granderson could easily be earmarked for Haren, plus the pieces you traded to Detroit might be enough to get Haren here without giving up the beloved Joba Chamberlain. To top it off, perhaps we wouldn’t have to speculate about Lee or Haren, rather make it Lee and Haren. take by Mike. While I wouldn’t call him an albatross just yet, you have to wonder if the Yanks would have been more aggressive with Haren had they not made the Grandy deal, with the effects it would have had in their 2010 (and beyond) payroll.  

    Haha The guy can hit 2 HRs in one game and he is still not free of the Yankee fan hate? At this point there is really nothing the guy can do huh?

    How dare he get injured and not have 80 Hrs through this point in the season and how dare he have struggles and be on the Yankees, lets get rid of Derek Jeter too since he has struggled this year.

    Can we at least let Curtis have a full season or maybe even a full healthy season before we call him the worst trade in Yankees history (Kevin Brown).

    Granderson isn’t one of the 5 best baseball players in the game but whoever told you to expect that was wrong when they said it for my money I will still take Curtis Granderson for the next 4 years over Jackson who has no power at all and is having what can only be described as a lucky year and Kennedy who’s peripheral numbers also suggest he is having one very lucky year in the NL.

    My guess is that it’s simply hate left over from all the man crushes on Ian Kennedy but this Granderson hate has to stop the guy hasn’t even completed his first year in pinstripes and the fact he is already being talked about in trades is absolutley ridiculous to me. He’s having a down year across the board sure but he is still hitting better against lefties than he did last year and he missed over a month with a leg injury which is obviously his most important part of his body with his speed, power and defense. With the talk around Yankee fans you would almost think Yankee fans want Colin Curtis starting over Grandy and if that’s the case you have lost your mind.

    It just seems like to me at this time last year everyone hated Coke, wanted Jackson to eventually be a “right handed Granderson” and had a man crush on Ian Kennedy so when IPK was put into the deal everyone wanted to find a way to hate Curtis and say “I told you so” on Kennedy and they found their reasoning right or not.

    • Despite some voracious Yankee fans, Granderson isn’t going anywhere before, at least, winter 2011/2012.
      For this big of a acquisition splash, Cashman wll give him every opportunity to prove himself in NY.

      Also, he is just the type to redeem a bad initial season, with a big postseason.

      Only way he is traded after 2011 season is if his struggles continue, and the Yankees acquire someone like Cody Ross, who then performs so well that he relegates Granderson to a platoon, 4th OF-type role.

      But, I think CG will rebound in a big way.

      • I do too, and I’m rooting hard for the guy. After about 250 ABs, we can’t make up our mind about him one way or the other. My point with quoting the NYBD piece was that it was interesting that all the pieces we gave up for Grandy (LHRP/OF/SP) are exactly what were looking to trade for now. The holes you create come back to bite you so often.

        • I agree with you. In moments of weakness and tiredness, I look at AJax, Coke, and IPK, and say, “What if?, too.
          I’m sure Cashman does this too. In the excitement of the trade, in a interview at the time, when a lot of people were complimenting him for a steal, I remember Cashman saying, with his typical worried look, “We gave up a lot of good talent”.

          You try your best in life, and move on.

          • I don’t understand all the Coke love either the guy had a 4 ERA with the Yanks and then he goes to a huge park in Detroit and everyone is surprised his numbers went down.

            Coke is an alright pitcher but to me he was never anymore than a lefty specialist on this team (he has done well against rightites this year though) but he is also 3 years older than the lefty we got in the Javy deal in Boone Logan who I for one like a lot and think he can be every bit as good as Coke could be for us.

            As for Austin Jackson his numbers explain themselves.

            387 PA, 114 H, 1 HR, 60 R, 16 SB… .318/.368/.433 with a BABIP of .436, 27.4 K%, 6.5 BB%

            I don’t know how he is keeping those numbers the way they are when you see his K to BB ratio and his BABIP but I could almost guarantee he wouldn’t be finding as many holes in Yankee stadiums outfield to drop in and I can guarantee the kid won’t have a .436 BABIP for his whole career and without that he is just a singles hitter with marginal base running speed.

            Sometimes fans have to calm down and look at things rationally, Granderson is having one bad year that got derailed by injury after starting the year really hot in the power and speed department, if this continues into next year or beyond then I’ll be worried. Coke is on a similar level to Boone Logan and Logan throws harder than Coke did with us last year and he is 3 years younger and to me has more potential in the long term. Kennedy was never more than a 4 or 5 starter in either league in my opinion and one year where his ERA doesn’t match his peripherals doesn’t change that.

  9. Chris it is not hate of grandy…thats a hard word..he was brought here to fill the power void of matsui and damon..they had him for at least 30 homers..and he had a rough year with the tigers.the guy can’t hit lefties.. not just this 4 months until today he had 7 homers…you can not blame the fans for second guessing the trade..i never would have made that trade..coke was a big loss..lets just relax..tex ,arod jeter are finally hitting.. Chris would you want grandy facing price in the play offs? If i made the line up he would sit..and any lefty in the post season..190 B.A won’t do it..use him off the bench

  10. People have asked about when Aceves is due back–there was just a report that he will soon be traveling with the team,but that he is still some weeks from pitching.
    A back problem could re-emerge at any time. Just getting up from a seat in a restaurant could reinjure a back.
    My guess—-don’t expect him in August, unless the 8th inning guys implode and the Yankees panic.
    I would say he gets some tune ups in Sept. with an eye to getting him as a useful piece for the playoffs.

    • I would say if he comes back at all this year it’s a pure stroke of luck, as someone who has back problems (nothing as serious as a herniated disc) it can be a problem to pick something off the ground when your back is in a bad way let alone rehab to throw 85-90 MPH with movement.

  11. This whole Haren thing–I just get a little disappointed when we don’t get key veteran guys when they are available. During the last 2-3 years, getting Haren was a unobtainable Yankee wetdream. Now, when his value is low, he goes to the Angels for a basket of junkbonds. I cannot believe he is a degraded homer and hit happy caricature of his earlier seasons at age 29/30. He will rebound into a dominent presence.

    I share the concern of others about our rotation in the playoffs—this year. We can run into dominent starting pitching buzzsaws potentially from Texas, Tampa, St. Louis, or San Francisco. Haren would have helped.

  12. Tyler Skagg is a good PTBNL.

    But Joe Saunders is what makes it a bad deal. Using the 40/60/80 scale they will pay him $17 mil in the next 2 years anyway, compared to $25.5mil for Haren- $28.5mil if they buy him out after 2012.

    Is that difference worth it for, realistically, Skagg and Corbin?

  13. what a bargain for haren. angels did a great job stealing him from the d-backs

    • After their first half colapse into an aging “also ran” team, The Angles have taken the first step back into being a nemesis again.

  14. The only good thing about this trade is that Haren will pitch against the Sox in this upcoming series. If the Yanks can win that night in Cleveland, it will be another nail in the beantowners’ 2010 coffin.

    • We have no threat from the Red Sox anymore, at the best they will over take the Rays but at this point I look at them the same way I did last years rays. Everyone kept talking about this “push” they were going to make and some incredible run they would have towards the end but I never saw it coming and eventually they were a good team but not good enough and I think this is the Red Sox year to miss the playoffs. We took our turn in ’08, the Rays in ’09 and now in ’10 the Sox have to take their turn having no chair when the music stops.

  15. angles don’t make the playoffs this year..they stay home with sox…and watch damm yankees

  16. I call bullshit, the D-Backs wanted Nova from what was reported earlier…I would have offered: Joba, Noesi, Nova, and ZMac for Haren, and seen what happened after that.

    • I really like Noesi and because of that I am kind of hesitant to give him up any trade right now, I know he is a little bit older than some of the guys at the level he is at but he could be a solid middle of the rotation guy and if him, Nova and McAllister all become number 3 pitchers it’s a bad deal.

  17. ld you want grandy facing price in the play offs? If i made the line up he would sit..and any lefty

    He has 9 HRs actually because he hit 2 yesterday and he missed a full month of the season with leg injuries which affects his power numbers even upon return and will probably linger to some degree all year.

    He’s hitting above .200 against lefties this year and even though it isn’t much aboce .200 he have shown some improvement against lefties from last year to this year so there is hope for the future.