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3 thoughts on “Reasons to avoid Stadium food: More than just cost

  1. My girlfriend and I had the most horrible dysentery of our lives after game 2 of the ALCS.  We think it was from the garlic fries or the asian noodles, not really sure.  We both needed medication to control the diarrhea and antibiotics.

  2. I've only been the one time, but that Lobel's beef sammich was darn tasty.  And I didn't get food poisoning from it!

  3. I've heard the Lobel's sammich IS really good, but I've yet to ante up the $15 or so yet.

    We went for some Bro Jimmy's BBQ chicken sammiches and were flat out revolting. Rubbery, fatty, nasty.  So bad that my buddy actually brought them back to the checkout and complained.  Yes, that bad.

    The milkshakes at Johnny Rockets are solid, however.