Game 97: Royals 6, Yankees 12

Rick Ankiel connected with a solo homer in the top of the fourth, but Granderson answered in the bottom of the inning with his second home of the game and the score sat at 5-3.  The score stayed like this and (after an almost two hour rain delay in the sixth) the Yankees added another run when Cano singled and Brett Gardner hit a RBI double.

Jeter lead off the bottom of the seventh with a single.  Nick Swisher hit into a force out and moved to second on Teixeira’s walk.  Rodriguez followed with a RBI single to second and the Yankees held a healthy 7-3 lead.  After the rain delay, Boone Logan had done a good job holding the Royals scoreless and Joba Chamberlain came in for the top of the eighth.  Joba gave up a lead-off walk to Getz and then a two-run homer to Podsednik, bringing the Royals within two.

The Bombers bats were far from done, however, as Granderson worked a lead off walk in the bottom of the eighth and then stole second.  He moved to third on a throwing error.  Gardner also reached base on a throwing error and stole second.  Jeter was intentionally walked and the bases were loaded.  Swisher singled to right, scoring Granderson and Gardner.  Colin Curtis was put in to run for Swisher and Teixeira singled to load the bases.  With Rodriguez up and the bases loaded the crowd was waiting for history, but instead, Royals pitcher Blake Wood hit him with a pitch, bringing in a run and eliciting a chorus of boos in the Bronx.  A ground-rule double by Cano sent Curtis and Teixeira home and the Yankees big inning put them out in front 12-5.  The Royals picked up one more run when Ankiel scored on a missed catch error by Posada, but it was far from enough as the Yankees took the series win.

Bronx Cheers:
Jorge Posada: Jorge went 0-5 and committed a catching error that resulted in a Royals’ run.  Not a good day for the Yankees’ veteran backstop who now has six errors on the year.  He had seven in 2009.

Joba Chamberlain: Girardi seems to be giving Joba as many chances as he can to show that he deserves this eighth inning spot, and Joba has done quite a bit to prove him wrong.  In one inning, he gave up two earned runs on one hit and one walk.  His ERA has ballooned up to 5.95.  Seriously, he’s making Boone Logan look like a genius.

Curtain Calls:
Alex Rodriguez: A-Rod may still be in search of #600, but you have to like that he is coming through with crucial hits for the Yankees and – apparently – not focusing on just getting his historical homer.  He went 2-4 with three RBIs.

Derek Jeter: The Captain continues to put his slump behind him.  He went 3-4 with a walk, two runs scored and a RBI.

Curtis Granderson: Grandy went 2-4 with a walk, three runs scored and two RBIs.  He hit two homers.

Boone Logan: Phil Hughes was pitching a decent game when the rain shortened his outing.  Boone Logan came in after the skies cleared, with a two run lead.  He pitched 1.2 innings and did not give up a hit or a run, striking out one batter.  We may like to poke fun at the relief pitcher, but he’s actually been pitching pretty well lately.  In 11.2 innings of work through June and July, the hurler has given up ten hits and just three earned runs.  He’s struck out eleven batters over that time and walked no one in July.

In the On Deck Circle:
The Yankees head to Cleveland today, where they will take on the struggling Indians and their old pal Shelley Duncan.  Javier Vazquez will take the ball for the Yankees.  He struggled in his last outing, but was able to pick up the win, despite giving up just five runs in five innings.  The Tribe will send Jake Westbrook to the mound.  He is 6-6 with a 4.74 ERA.  First pitch is at 7:05pm at Progressive Field.

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9 thoughts on “Game 97: Royals 6, Yankees 12

  1. Thanks for going out on a limb, and pointing out what the guys at IATMS won't admit – that Joba sucks.  Right now, trading him for Lee, or even Oswalt, looks like a good idea.  I know – I've been fighting Will and Larry over this, and one of them (sry – forget which) stated that Joba shouldn't be complacent, since he's getting minimum, and wants the big free agent bucks.


    Thing is, I live in Iowa; I know Nebraska; I have friends on a couple Iowa reservations — league minimum is a long way from Cliff Lee or CC money, but its just as far away from what everyone he grew up with is still making.  He still has way more money than he knows what to do with, he's in a big city, and I'm willing to guess that he can have whatever posse he wants.  (I watch Entourage – he may be Vinnie, but I'm guessing a lot closer to Johnny Drama)

  2. Joba has definitely not been good lately (he's given up eight runs over his last five outings), but I still think he can turn it around.  I have, however, gotten to the point where I don't think he should be in the eighth inning until he proves he can do it again.  He's clearly struggling and you have to imagine it is mental to some extent.  Perhaps some of it is growing pains, getting used to the money, the city and the spotlight.  Right now trading him definitely doesn't look like a bad deal, but I still find myself cheering for him and hoping we see him return to what we saw in him when he first came up.

  3. You and me both – I never said I wasn't cheering for him; I thought he was a great story, his first half year.  After all – midwest boy, just like myself, making it big in the Big Apple.


    But that is also the basis for my "distractions" comments.  Give me a half mil, perks, fame, and my own posse, my own "Rules" – I'd be lucky to even get out of bed in time to make a night game.  Let alone anything else.  I hit it (relatively) big in the Oz music scene, once upon a time.  Extrapolating from that, I'd have to say we're lucky Joba is as clear-headed and focused as he is.


    I just wish he'd hang with Mo or Petite, when he's sitting on the bench; instead, I see him laughing and joking with A.J.  Who I'm sure is a great guy, but might not be the best role model. ;)

  4. Not defending the way Joba has pitched, but we're really reaching trying to find things to panic about with this team


    Panic's too strong a word, but frankly, it's tough to even get concerned with a team this stacked

  5. Not that he had a great game but you really can't fault Posada for that error that allowed a run. It was a complete fluke of a play.

  6. Really interesting that Joba didn't throw tonight in the eighth… I think Girardi needs to give him more time, but who knows.  I'm curious what he will say/said tonight to the media about it.

  7. The one thing that I am seeing that excites me most is it seems that Jeter is beginning to hit the ball and get hot.
    Over his last 7 games he is hitting .375 and has brought his average up 8 points.
    Hopefully the Captain can keep it going and get the average north of .300 before the season is over.
    I believe that we will need a good stretch run from Jeets to keep us in the drivers seat in the AL East.

  8. adam – really? Would you have put in Joba to protect a one run lead?  On a night when your team has only collected four hits?  I wouldn't even have let him in the bullpen.  Right now, looks like Joe has as much trust in Joba as he does in CHP.

  9. Joba's xFIP is the lowest of anybody except Mo in the bullpen. Emphatically, yes.