After the laughing stops: Chan Ho’s new low

Facing a really, really young and inexperienced team, all the Yanks wanted was for Chan Ho to come in, get some work and get done cleanly. Fat chance. His 9th inning game log:

  • C Gimenez walked.
  • C Gimenez to second on wild pitch by C Park.
  • A Kearns walked.
  • M LaPorta singled to left, C Gimenez scored, A Kearns to second.
  • J Nix reached on infield single to third, A Kearns to third, M LaPorta to second, A Kearns scored, M LaPorta to third, J Nix to second on throwing error by third baseman M Thames.
  • M LaPorta scored, J Nix to third on wild pitch by C Park.
  • S Duncan walked.

The end result was “only” three runs and the game was still a blowout, but the point remains: Chan Ho cannot be trusted, at all.  His overall line shows 2 IP, 2 H, 3 BB, 1 WP, 3 ER.  But if you watched him, you know it was much, much worse. The body language was terrible. He looked utterly clueless, almost as if he was hoping that Girardi would rescue him from himself.

Park’s stats in 2010

  • ERA: 5.60
  • FIP: 5.15
  • xFIP: 4.60
  • WAR: -0.2
  • HR/9: 1.78 (career avg: 1.04; 2009: 0.54 for PHI)
  • BABIP: .318 (so it’s not a “bad luck” story)
  • His K and BB rates are in line with career norms
  • Clutch“: -.34 (defined as: “How much better or worse a player does in high leverage situations than he would have done in a context neutral environment“)
  • WPA (Win Prob Added): -.35
  • RE24 (Runs above average): -7.53 (Run Above Average based on the 24 Base/Out States)
  • And if you peek at his Pitch Values, only his slider registers a positive value. Fastball, curveball and change up… all negative values.
  • $Dollars: ($0.8)m (defined: WAR converted to a dollar scale based on what a player would make in free agency). He’d have to pay to play?  Funny if it were possible. Sadly, it’s not.

I’m not sure if the Yanks can or will trade for another middle reliever soon, but the Chan Ho Experience has run its course. It’s time to let him go. This is not a player this team needs in the post-season.  Let’s put an end to this already.

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11 thoughts on “After the laughing stops: Chan Ho’s new low

  1. Park had a great eighth inning and often seems to have a solid first inning of relief.  In most cases, I haven't understood why Girardi continues to expect more than one inning out of him, except for last night's game when clearly you want to avoid using too many arms out of the 'pen if you can help it with a series against Tampa coming up.

  2. Jason, I'm not sure what you're complaining about.  Every pitcher should have a role, and Park's role is to come in to pitch after a game has already been decided.  Look at his July games.  He hasn't appeared in a game where the lead (either for or against the Yanks was less than 3 runs), with one exception: he pitched in the 7/18 game against the Rays when Pettitte was injured, appearing with the game was tied 3-3.  He pitched a flawless 1.1 innings, with 2 strikeouts, and got the win.  Otherwise, Park's primary role is to pitch the last inning or two in games that are not close enough for the Yanks to use an arm they care about.


    Park's ERA in July is 3.48, even with his stinker of a performance last night.  That's about on par with David Robertson's July and Jonathan Albaladejo's July.  If you're looking for bullpen performances this month that are substantially better than Park's you have Mo of course … and Boone Logan!


    I'm not a Park apologist, but honestly, his win on the 18th means a lot more than whatever he did last night.  Park's cost the Yanks $1.2 million — this was a reasonable gamble on Cashman's part that Park could fill in as a spot starter and in long relief.  That gamble failed, and it would not surprise me to see the Yanks include Park in a trade-deadline deal or even release him outright.  If Park sticks around, he might still prove valuable on rare occasions, like he did on the 18th.  Otherwise, he's just there to eat a few meaningless innings.

  3. You guys are NOT making hating CHoP very much fun. Please hate along with me, people.

  4. Maybe he was hoping that it would get close enough that Girardi could bring in Mo for a save?
    Didn’t Park have a clean 8th inning?  I thought someone had brought out the stats, showing that CHP isn’t horrible when working only one inning.  Which is still not good, when you’re on the roster as a long reliever, but maybe someone could get some use out of him.

  5. I was at the 7/18 game and I prayed to god CHoP wouldn’t suck. I didn’t much like him when he was a young decent pitcher and don’t much like him now. But I have to agree it’s hard to hate anyone in Yankee Pinstripes.

  6. I wouldn’t trust him w/ my kids (if i had any) much less a damn baseball game. hes got to go, i do not like this man 1 single bit, and i think we’ve all fallen out of love w/ joba by now, this bullpen is killing me slowly. I’m not feelin david either, hell i dont trust marte or albadejo. I feel like Linus I WANT A SECURITY BLANKET

  7. I was dismayed to hear about the Yankees picking him up during the off-season. I don’t have the time to go get the stats, but it seems to me that he goes downhill if the opposing team gets baserunners on against him.
    So as a mop-up guy, he isn’t too horrible as long as you remember to yank him if the situation matters.  However, if I’m right about the pressure of having men on base while he is pitching, then it wouldn’t seem to bode well for how he will handle post-season pressure.
    Who knows?  Maybe he will get straightened out and be a lights-out reliever some time down the road.
    FWIW, I believe over the length of his career he has been just shy of a 1 WAR/season.  Which suggests he should improve slightly for this season.

  8. Give him a break, guys. He just had lot of diarrhea.
    He’s worth the money just for that press conference. I still watch it every now and then.