All Quiet on the Transaction Front?

Yesterday, we learned that the Yankees are considering themselves out on Adam Dunn. The price on Scott Downs is ridiculously high. They offered the Diamondbacks Joba and two others for Dan Haren, but the Diamondbacks didn’t bite (which is surprising, considering the package they did get back from the Angels).

The Yankees have been linked to utility guys Wes Helms and Willie Bloomquist, but those guys aren’t very attractive and I’d assume that the Yankees would sooner try out Eduardo Nunez than ship prospects off and spend bigger money for guys who are vets.

I’ve been saying this all trade-season and it looks like it’s going to be true: the Yankees non-waiver deadline will not produce a big splash. That doesn’t mean they won’t do anything.

What seems interesting is that aside from Scott Downs, the Yankees haven’t been linked to many other relievers for a while. Craig Breslow was mentioned a while ago, but it’s been relatively quiet on the reliever front aside from Downs. Considering how Brian Cashman operates, this probably bodes well for the Yankees. Especially with Cash, it’s the deals about which you DON’T hear that end up getting done. So, let’s keep our eyes and ears open for the next two days and see who lands in and out of pinstripes.

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14 thoughts on “All Quiet on the Transaction Front?

  1. Do you think Cashman is planning something big or not? We’ve heard him on Dunn, but they are supposedly out of his sweepstakes. I also heard over at RAB that Berkman could be a name the Yanks can get for a reasonable price in the wake of the Oswalt trade, seems like the Astros are in complete rebuild mode now, maybe the Yanks can get someone from them like Berkman, what do you think?

    • I dont think cash is planning anything big but if we lose badly tonite and sat game he might. berkman is too much. he has about 5mil left the rest of the year and having a poor season. plus i dont think astros will trade him

      • I will gaurantee everyone that we will get NO ONE at the deadline. Even if its some cheap bat that we haven’t heard of in the past couple of week, we need a bench bat and an arm and it seems we won’t get one.

        • i can see that and play tryouts with our minor league players like nunez. but cash will trade for someone. maybe Leo Nunez? this is the perfect time to trade him with his value at alltime high.

          • I can guarantee you the Yankees will acquire someone even if it’s just a Hairston Jr type or Chad Gaudin type from last year.

  2. I would just like to say that I’ve read All Quiet on the Western Front and it is a fine novel. It is not, however, the greatest war novel of all time, as the cover so insouciantly suggests.

  3. Apparently the Yankees are really close to acquiring Lance Berkman.

    If I had to guess this is probably to some degree posturing with the Nationals trying to get them to lower the price on Dunn by being able to go back with one last offer and being able to say “take it or leave it because we have a Berkman deal in place”.

    It’s not a bad plan B but I would prefer Dunn… Berkman has been breaking down for a while now and his power is clearly diminishing, the other reason I prefer Dunn is because there is at least some possibility that we can get an extension worked out with Adam while I doubt either side ends up wanting to extend on the Berkman deal.

  4. According to Joel Sherman Berkman is a Yankee after the technical 24 hour wait on his no trade clause but he has already internally waived it.

    • IF true even with his injuries in the recent past and his decline in numbers his left handed power swing will work really well in Yankee stadium and he is a huge upgrade over Colin Curtis who is starting at DH tonight.

  5. Well the western front hasn’t been quite today as the Yankees have reportedly agreed and finalized 2 trades.

    The first trade seems to be confirmed as Mark Melancon and Jimmy Paredes for Lance Berkman.

    The Second trade seems to address the bench and right handed 4th outfielder concerns (even though he has hit better against righties as the Yankees have acquired Austin Kearns for a PTBNL.

    Now if the Yankees can some how pry Craig Breslow away from the Athletics we should be all set to go on another World Series run.