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3 thoughts on “Kerry Wood joins the bullpen; this should be interesting

  1. The good thing about this trade is that it is change.


    We didn't give up anything AND we got rid of CHOP. So even if Wood flops, it really wasn't a huge investment. He could help us, but he probably cant hurt us anymore than Park did.

  2. I think we just bought a seat warmer for Gene Monahan’s office and a hearts competitors in the clubhouse for Nick Johnson.  In fact the terms “Nick” and “Wood” seem far more compelling now that they’re paired up.  If we win a pennant with this “Annie” like group of ragamuffins contributing I’ll buy an Austin Kearn Cleveland jersey.

  3. Don't these charts just display the volitility of relievers?  If Wood can throw strikes, keep the ball in the yard, and stay healthy, then the Yankees will have another option in the pen.  If can do one, two or none of these things then he will be CHOP.  If all the Yankees had to give up was money (!?!), then it's completely worth the risk. 

    Relievers are always up and down.  I have a sneaking suspicion that CHOP will resurface in the NL after he mysteriously regains his lost velocity. (elbow surgery?)