Checking in on Trade Candidates

The non-waiver deadline is a mere eleven days away, so let’s look into some potential trades the Yankees could make.

The Yanks, and the Sox, are apparently interested in Toronto RP Scott Downs. In his age 34 season, Downs is having a great year. His ERA is below three and his FIP is 3.09, while...

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Does Jeter’s 2010 performance *really* matter?

If you jump into the way-back machine, I wrote this in 2008 and in re-reading it now, it’s funny/sad/pathetic how quickly I was then to extend Jeter’s poor defense to a point that Jeter would be willing to vacate SS on his own.  How naive?!?  However, this point still resonates:

What if Jeter (and agent Casey Close) pull what Varitek/Boras are trying to do to the Sox: Sell the intangibles and disregard the facts? What if Jeter, at age 37 (during 2011), decides that playing SS is more important than any other factor? How will the Yanks react?

In many ways, he is our Derek Jeter, though the Yankees’ calm-eyed, fist-pumping captain is obviously superior in talent and production. They both have extremely recognizable profiles as central figures in baseball’s marquee rivalry. They both are greatly respected by their peers. They both loathe A-Rod. And one more commonality: When it became clear that the tangible measures were now suggesting that the player had significant flaws, they both had a well-stocked army of vocal and oblivious supporters who began clinging to the flimsy concept of “intangibles” as a vague means of denying the erosion of their idol’s talent.

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I’m Not Holding my Breath on Mitre

Let’s get this out of the way: I vehemently dislike Sergio Mitre. If you’ve followed me here from BBD or seen me comment over at RAB, my contempt for Mitre is pretty easy to see. Perhaps this is unfair because I’m influenced by his relatively poor showing last year that came after Tommy John Surgery...

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IIATMS & The Batting Stance Guy: contest winners and answers


  1. Oscar Gamble
  2. Mickey Rivers
  3. Thurman Munson
  4. Roy White
  5. Jim Leyritz
  6. Dave Winfield
  7. Mark Teixeira
  8. Paul O’Neill
  9. Derek Jeter
  10. Bernie Williams

Yes, BSG did “goof” and called Munson the “last captain before Jeter”.  But the righty batting stance should have told you that it wasn’t Donnie Baseball!

Thanks again to the Batting Stance Guy (Gar Ryness and Caleb Dewart), all of the folks at Scribner/Simon&Schuster as well as Rob Neyer for providing the necessary introductions.  

Remember: Follow us on Twitter here and the BSG can be followed on Twitter here.

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Series Preview: Yankees versus Angels, III

The Angels come to New York tonight for a quick, two game set. On the surface this series doesn’t seem important. The Yankees could lose both games and retain a lead in the division. Looking deeper,...

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