Angels rough up Phil Hughes, spank Yankees

This one was ugly. On the first night when the Yankees needed players to step up they saw 4 different pitchers give up runs. Phil Hughes was not sharp. He lasted only 5 innings, gave up 6 runs, and 2 home runs. Jonathan Albaladejo made his first appearance of the year, and quickly reminded fans why the team had kept him in Scranton for so long. He allowed 2 hits, walked 1 and gave up a run in only 1.2 innings of work. I’ll go out on a limb and say that this guy isn’t the bullpen savior we’ve been Continue reading Angels rough up Phil Hughes, spank Yankees

The problem with trading for Soria

I’d love to trade for Joakim Soria as much as the next guy. He’s one of the few Closers in Baseball that reminds me of The Great Mariano. Slight build, misses bats (10.10 SO/9) has good control (2.53 BB/9) and is cool as ice out there. Fastball sits around 89-94 mph and has natural cutting action, which he throws most of the time. When facing Lefties, he complements the Fastball with a Change with good lateral action that he throws around 80-84 mph. Against Righties, he employs a Slider with good tilt and slow Curveball (66-71 MPH) that he mixes Continue reading The problem with trading for Soria

Checking in on Trade Candidates

The non-waiver deadline is a mere eleven days away, so let’s look into some potential trades the Yankees could make. The Yanks, and the Sox, are apparently interested in Toronto RP Scott Downs. In his age 34 season, Downs is having a great year. His ERA is below three and his FIP is 3.09, while his xFIP is at 3.51. His career platoon splits aren’t bad either, with a 3.25 xFIP against LHB and a 3.95 xFIP vs. RHB. He’d be a nice get for the Yanks, and he projects to be a type-A so the Yankees could get a Continue reading Checking in on Trade Candidates

Venuing goes live at Yankee Stadium

I’ve been working a little with the team at Venuing on their app lately. In case you don’t know what Venuing is or don’t YET have the app, here’s an intro from Team Venuing:

I’m here today to tell you about Venuing, our exciting new iPhone application for use in a stadium setting. The app will allow users to chat with each other over a 3D rendering of the stadium that recreates the physical space, sharing info, insight, opinions, and anything else they would like. As of now, users will also be able to chat with others outside of the stadium, since the geo-fence normally surrounding the stadium will be down to allow others to try out the app and raise interest in it.

But this is more than just a glorified AIM platform. The Venuing app will have information pertaining to Yankee Stadium and other venues where we are live, such as reviews of concessions on everything from the best food spots to the best beer peddlers, and stadium information that will tell the user all of the little quirks worth experiencing and all of the hassles to avoid.

We think the Venuing app will greatly enhance the fan experience at live events, and we hope that you feel the same. The app is currently available at the iPhone store for download today and will be available on the Blackberry and Android platforms in the future. All you have to do is log-in, put in your seat location, and enjoy bantering with everyone, including the writers at IIATMS!

I’ll try to get into the chatter tonight and throughout the rest of the season. If you have an iPhone, download it for free. And if you have it, get it going and let me know your thoughts. [I’ve got it on an iTouch but of course, the free WiFi in Yankee Stadium is not for us to use; only the press corps, sadly.] Continue reading Venuing goes live at Yankee Stadium

Does Jeter’s 2010 performance *really* matter?

ANSWER: Of course it does. Or does it?

It matters for the Yanks in 2010 and their chances to win the World Series. But the question really is directed towards Jeter’s eventual next contract after this one expires at the end of the season. Buster Olney wonders aloud:

In a vacuum, a 36-year-old shortstop with a .335 on-base percentage and a career-low slugging percentage would probably get a one-year offer, for something in the range of $5 million.

But this is not just an accomplished shortstop. It’s Derek Jeter, future Hall of Famer, a standard-bearer for the sport. Next season, Jeter will surpass 3,000 hits, if he stays healthy. He’s won rings, he’s represented the organization with class and dignity, and he’s brought in millions upon millions for the team — while making his own millions.

The Yankees want to keep Jeter, and Jeter wants to stay with the Yankees, and in the end, the two sides will almost certainly work something out. But what’s the fair price? The two sides could have very different interpretations. We’ll see.

If Derek indeed finishes the 2010 season with numbers that resemble his first half numbers, that really won’t change the Yanks’ approach all that much, will it? It’s not like Derek has a Prince Fielder-esque body or a questionable work ethic. We were ready to move Jeter out of SS after his down 2008, but he showed us how dedicated he is by rediscovering his defensive skills in 2009. Who’s to say that a half year decline is the on-ramp to the end of the cliff, or merely just a bad first half? Jeter’s shown his abilities to bounce back, hasn’t he?

I’ve been talking about this for some time. More. More. More. You get the point, right?

(click “view full post” to read more) Continue reading Does Jeter’s 2010 performance *really* matter?

I’m Not Holding my Breath on Mitre

Let’s get this out of the way: I vehemently dislike Sergio Mitre. If you’ve followed me here from BBD or seen me comment over at RAB, my contempt for Mitre is pretty easy to see. Perhaps this is unfair because I’m influenced by his relatively poor showing last year that came after Tommy John Surgery. However, there’s just not a lot that impresses me about this guy. His sinker is solid, though, and his near 60% ground ball rate is desirable, but that’s his only positive attribute. He doesn’t miss many bats (5.46 K/9), has good-not-great-control (3.02 BB/9), and gives Continue reading I’m Not Holding my Breath on Mitre

IIATMS & The Batting Stance Guy: contest winners and answers

We’ve got our ten winners! I’ll say this: You guys are better at this than I was. I got seven out of ten correct, but we had more than ten of you who got all ten right. Thanks to everyone who participated.

The winners are, in order of complete answers received:

  1. Greg P.
  2. Chris P.
  3. Robert T.
  4. mrjohnson
  5. Alex L.
  6. Mike S.
  7. Lundy
  8. Adam R.
  9. Kevin R.
  10. Warren L.

Winners will be also notified via email and will be asked to provide a mailing address. The books will be distributed by Scribner/Simon&Schuster.

And if you want to see the answers, click “view full post” below. I’ve buried the answers here so those who haven’t tried to answer the video quiz can still do so. Continue reading IIATMS & The Batting Stance Guy: contest winners and answers

Series Preview: Yankees versus Angels, III

The Angels come to New York tonight for a quick, two game set. On the surface this series doesn’t seem important. The Yankees could lose both games and retain a lead in the division. Looking deeper, however, reveals that it will be important to see how the team responds to its first major injury this season. True, Curtis Granderson, Nick Johnson and Jorge Posada have all missed (or continue to miss) time this year, but the 2010 Yankees have thrived on their pitching, with Andy Pettitte at its core. The rest of the guys need to step up. Scott Kazmir Continue reading Series Preview: Yankees versus Angels, III

Yanks complain and McCarver backtracks . . sort of

By now you’ve probably heard of Tim McCarver’s comments on the FOX Saturday broadcast, where he compared the Yankee front office to the Nazi and Communist regimes. If not, here it is again (video): You remember some of those despotic leaders in World War II, primarily in Russia and Germany, where they used to take those pictures that they had … taken of former generals who were no longer alive, they had shot ’em. They would airbrush the pictures, and airbrushed the generals out of the pictures. In a sense, that’s what the Yankees have done with Joe Torre. They Continue reading Yanks complain and McCarver backtracks . . sort of