After the laughing stops: Chan Ho’s new low

Facing a really, really young and inexperienced team, all the Yanks wanted was for Chan Ho to come in, get some work and get done cleanly. Fat chance. His 9th inning game log:

  • C Gimenez walked.
  • C Gimenez to second on wild pitch by C Park.
  • A Kearns walked.
  • M LaPorta singled to left, C Gimenez scored, A Kearns to second.
  • J Nix reached on infield single to third, A Kearns to third, M LaPorta to second, A Kearns scored, M LaPorta to third, J Nix to second on throwing error by third baseman M Thames.
  • M LaPorta scored, J Nix to third on wild pitch by C Park.
  • S Duncan walked.

The end result was “only” three runs and the game was still a blowout, but the point remains: Chan Ho cannot be trusted, at all.  His overall line shows 2 IP, 2 H, 3 BB, 1 WP, 3 ER.  But if you watched him, you know it was much, much worse.…

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Game 101: Yankees 11, Indians 4

In the top of the third, the Yankees got on the board.  Colin Curtis lead off with a single to center.  Mitch Talbot, the Indians’ rookie pitcher, was taken out of the game with a back injury, handing the ball over to the Cleveland bullpen for the majority of the game.  Derek Jeter walked and both runners moved over on Curtis Granderson’s sac bunt.  Mark Teixeira walked to load the bases and Alex Rodriguez hit a sac fly to center, scoring Curtis and tying up the game 1-1.

Moseley hit his stride and kept the Tribe limited to the one run in the first, while the Indians’ bullpen had done a solid job of keeping the Yankee lineup at bay.  The Yankees got an opportunity to go ahead in the sixth, with Brett Gardner leading off with a walk.  He moved to second when Francisco Cervelli grounded out and then Gardner stole third.  Jeter singled to center, scoring Gardner and putting the Yankees up 2-1.…

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Baseball Needs No Savior

Earlier today, Jason from It Is About the Money, Stupid posted an article about whether Albert Pujols would be baseball’s savior, “the one who restores our interest in home run milestones”.  He quotes liberally from Roy Johnson of ESPN NY.  Johnson assumes the familiar “let me tell you how it is” tone and states...

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Hoping for the best

just hoping nothing happens

Later today, Dustin Moseley will make his first start in a Yankee uniform. He’s pitched in four games for the Yankees to the tune of a 4.22 ERA. He’s showed okay control with a 3.4 BB/9 but his K/9 is under 5 and his H/9 is also very low, coming in...

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The Yankees and the home-road split

Most of the Yankee fans I know have had the same, lone (whiny, and I include myself here too) complaint about the 2010 team: the offense just hasn’t clicked the way we’d hoped it would.

Yankee detractors can make...

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In which Matt Gets a Twitter

So I finally bit the bullet last night and signed up for a Twitter account. As is my nature, this made me start thinking about things. The following is nothing that hasn’t been said before, but I want to rehash it because of the time of year.

Twitter, blogs, and the like have completely changed...

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Pujols = Savior?

But what Johnson said about ARod, the blame-game, and the general malaise towards ARod’s #600 was probably the best thing he wrote:

In one sense, we fans are a scorned love. Our hearts were broken and we’re just not going to let ourselves go there again, at least not anytime soon.

Again, that isn’t a reason to hold it against A-Rod, at least not wholly. I’m not even pinning it all on Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, Rafael Palmeiro, Roger Clemens, Jason Giambi, Bonds or any of the myriad other players whose faces will forever adorn baseball’s steroid era plaques. Those guys, as recent Hall of Fame inductee Andre Dawson so eloquently put it during his speech in Cooperstown last weekend, are the “individuals who have chosen the wrong road and chosen that as their legacy.”

Nor am I blaming it all on “baseball,” that faceless entity sometimes said to have caused the steroid mess by turning a blind eye to performance-enhancing drugs.

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