A closer look at the Yankees getting owned by pitchers making their Major League debuts

After spending a lot of time discussing Josh Tomlin‘s annihilation of the Yankees last night while continuing to bemoan the team’s performance against pitchers making their Major League debuts,...

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Game 99: Yankees 1, Indians 4

While Tomlin continued to dominate the Pinstripes offense, the Indians continued to build a lead.  In the bottom of the sixth, Kearns lead off with a triple to center.  Peralta worked a walk and LaPorta doubled, scoring Kearns and giving the Tribe a 3-0 lead.  Sabathia intentionally walked Jason Donald, loading the bases, before giving up a walk to Chris Gimenez, scoring Peralta and putting Cleveland up 4-0.

Cano tried to get things started in the top of the eighth, lining a double to right field.  Cano moved to third on a wild pitch by Rafael Perez.  Colin Curtis then grounded out, scoring Cano and finally getting the Yankees on the board.  The Yankees threatened again in the ninth, starting with Gardner’s single to left.  Jeter followed with a single to right and Gardner moved to third.  Nick Swisher struck out and Mark Teixeira popped out to short, leaving the Yankees with two on and two out as Alex Rodriguez came up to bat.  …

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AJ Burnett-You’ll pry that pie from my cold, dead hand!

Boy, do I ever love this picture.

Mark Fiensand of the NY Daily News caught up with AJ Burnett before last night’s game and asked him if he plans on curbing his pie-throwing antics in light of a recent mishap with the Florida Marlins. Read more

Derek Jeter Is The Biggest Bargain In Baseball (A Rebuttal)

Derek Jeter is a bargain at his current salary of $22.6 million a year.  You could pay him A-Rod money — $30+ million a year, and he’d STILL be the biggest bargain in baseball.

I don’t have to look at FanGraphs or Baseball-Reference to know that what I’m saying is true.

(OK.  I DID look at FanGraphs.  FanGraphs says that Jeter’s Wins Above Replacement(WAR) number is currently third best for American League shortstops, half a win behind leader Alexei Ramirez, and tied with Marco Scutaro.  This half-a-win difference does not seem to me to be worthy of hand-wringing. For what it’s worth, Jeter’s co-All Star Elvis Andrus has a WAR rating 0.4 behind Jeter’s. Why in heaven’s name are we so worried about Derek Jeter’s 2010 performance?)

Remember, IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY.  It’s all about the paying customers and eyes tuned to the YES network, the engines that generate the cash flow.  This isn’t rocket science, people.  The cash isn’t going to flow unless there’s a product on the field that drives fans to reach DEEP into their wallets.…

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Yankees do their thing against starting pitcher making his Major League debut, which is to say, absolutely nothing

Can someone please explain why the Yankees — currently in possession of the best wOBA in Major League Baseball (though maybe not for much longer after tonight’s fiasco), not to mention one...

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Mythbusters: Joba and A-Rod Edition

Every so often, a characterization of a player made by a handful of fans or media members takes on a life of its own, spreading with reckless abandon until most fans believe that unsupported conclusions are incontrovertibly true. That is how you end up with people claiming that Jesus Montero has a bad attitude, or...

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Thoughts Inspired by Last Night’s Game

Though it wasn’t high scoring, last night’s game was quite exciting. Here’s what I was thinking during and after the game.

–I really liked the way Javy Vazquez pitched last night. I thought he mixed his pitches well and his breaking stuff had good movement. The 7th inning at bat versus Travis Hafner. Despite missing...

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Has Jon Lester become the best pitcher in the American League?

At the present moment, only two pitchers in the American League have a higher WAR than Jon Lester and his jaw-dropping 4.2: Francisco Liriano (5.1!) and Read more