Losing Out on Haren Shouldn’t Mean Going After Oswalt

When I found out late afternoon/early evening on Sunday that the Yankees had lost out on Dan Haren, I was annoyed. Not crazily annoyed, but enough to give an “Aw [expletive]” and a snap, but that’s it. Anyway, the second thing I thought, after the expletive and snap, was that I hoped the Yankees wouldn’t pursue Houston Astros pitcher Roy Oswalt. By all means, Roy is a fantastic pitcher and is having a great year. He’s got a career high 8.37 K/9. His 3.45 xFIP is his lowest since 2005 (3.42). His BB/9 of 2.37 is on pace to be Continue reading Losing Out on Haren Shouldn’t Mean Going After Oswalt

Game 97: Royals 6, Yankees 12

Even a rather lengthy rain delay couldn’t slow down the Yankees’ hot bats yesterday afternoon as New York finished a four game series against the Kansas City Royals.  Alex Rodriguez is still searching for his 600th homer, but Robinson Cano picked up his 1000th hit as the Yankees finished their homestand with a big 12-6 victory over the Royals.

The first couple innings were scoreless, but the Royals broke through in the top of the third.  Chris Getz singled after his liner was deflected by Phil Hughes towards first base.  Getz stole second and then Scott Podsednik drove a two-run homer to left, putting the Royals on the board.

The Yankees answered back in the bottom of the inning, starting with a solo homer by Curtis Granderson to lead off the inning.  Ramiro Pena singled to right and scored on Derek Jeter’s double to center.  Jeter moved to third on the throw home.  Mark Teixeira singled Jeter in and the Yankees took the lead.  A double by Rodriguez finished the Yankees damage for the inning, putting them up 4-2.

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Granderson hits two bombs as Yanks blast KC 12-6

Though not quite on par with last year’s eight-game winning streak, the 2010 Yankees have acquitted themselves quite nicely since coming out of the All-Star Break, going 6-3 over their last nine games. The homestand was capped by a 12-6 win over lowly Kansas City yesterday. Phil Hughes was slightly better this time out, throwing 5 1/3 innings of three-run ball in a rain-shortened appearance, although surrendering a home run to light-hitting Scott Podsednik is borderline unacceptable. That Podsednik would go on to hit a second home run off of Joba Chamberlain in the eighth is absolutely disgraceful on the Continue reading Granderson hits two bombs as Yanks blast KC 12-6

Breaking down the Dan Haren trade

When  most fans look at trades, they generally only consider the talent levels of the players involved. The most important factor in trades that gets overlooked is contract. More specifically, the difference between what you have to pay a player and what he earns. That’s his residual value, that’s what you typically have to make up for in a potential deal. That’s why players earning good money tend to go for far less in terms of talent than one would expect, and why Alex Rodriguez was recently ranked the most untradeable player in Baseball, despite the fact that he’s still Continue reading Breaking down the Dan Haren trade


Just a quick heads up, I’ll be appearing on Mike Silva’s blog talk radio show tonight, which starts at  @9:00 PM. Topics will be the Dan Haren saga, A-Rod’s chase to 600, Joakim Soria, Curtis Granderson and other Yankee topics. Mike does a good show, and is always a fun listen. Check it out if you haven’t already. To listen live or hear the segment as an archive click here.

ARod OK after HBP

Thankfully, this coulda been alot worse:

After getting ahead of A-Rod in the count, the Royals reliever threw a pitch high and tight that deflected of the New York slugger’s left hand and put him down in a heap. For a moment, the outcome of the Yankees’ 12-6 victory over Kansas City hardly seemed to matter.


Rodriguez was still a bit shaken by the close call Sunday, though, showing off a bruise that was already forming on his hand while standing in front of his locker.

I have pretty much full strength, so I should be OK,” he said. “I was more fearful of the ball coming toward my face. Obviously, the hand is so sensitive, and it’s very easy to break a bone or chip a bone, so I’m just thankful that didn’t happen.”

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Angels Acquire Dan Haren

Just came down about 30 minutes ago on MLBTR, Andrew Baggarly of the Mercury News is reporting via Twitter that the Angels have landed Dan Haren from the Diamondbacks in exchange for Joe Saunders, Patrick Corbin, Rafael Rodriguez, and a player to be named later. Earlier in the day, Jon Heyman of SI tweeted that the Diamondbacks wanted Joba Chamberlain, Hector Noesi and Dellin Betances in order to make a deal. Since the trade went down soon thereafter, I’ll guess that was the D-Backs final offer. I would have passed on that as well. Betances has the type of upside Continue reading Angels Acquire Dan Haren

Reasons to avoid Stadium food: More than just cost

As a general rule, I hate all of those TV “in-depth” or “Investigative” reports that go into my favorite restaurants and show me all of the problems going on behind the scenes. Just ruins the dining experience. Like most of you who have at some point in their lives been around a live, working restaurant kitchen, I know it’s not always pretty and neat and clean. You just hope that none of the unmentionables make it onto your plate and usually they don’t.

So when I read this today, it was just another reason why it’s a good idea to bring your own food, your favorite sammich, to the Stadium:

At Yankee Stadium, 48 percent of vendors were found to be in violation of health codes. The OTL report, citing an inspection-report excerpt, said that five hot dogs registered 91 degrees in a hot-holding unit when they were supposed to be no cooler than 140. Inspectors at the Yankees’ home also had a vendor dispose of a bottle of Chivas Regal whiskey containing dead fruit flies.

You can’t bring a bottle of Chivas Regal into the Stadium, and I know getting a dog and a beer during a game is ritual, but when costs matter —and now your health— maybe it’s time to reconsider your plan. Me? I’m partial to bring a fully-loaded sub to the game and chowing down on that for a few innings compared to overpriced and over-/under-cooked mediocre fare. You can do as you wish, at your own risk! Of course, if you have the Legends seats, well, enjoy the good stuff.

Question: What are your best/worst Yankee Stadium (YSII or YSIII) dining experiences? What about around the perimeter of the Stadium?

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Remembering Ralph Houk

Despite his high profile position as 2 time manager of the NY Yankees, Ralph Houk (like so many other WW2 vets) rarely discussed his military service. With Houk’s recent passing, the New York Times has published a piece that features an interview with Col. Caesar F. Fiore, who was Houk’s commanding officer in the 89th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron of the 9th Armored Division in WW2. Fiore died in 1999 at age 88. Here are the parts where he discusses his heroism in WW2: “The day I remember best was Dec. 21, 1944,” Fiore said at his central New Jersey home. Continue reading Remembering Ralph Houk