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One thought on “A scout’s take on ARod

  1. I’m pretty worried about A-Rod.  Based on my own naked-eye observations, this season it looks like A-Rod’s been missing good pitches to hit more often than ever.  I’ve really noticed it since he hit 599.  It seems like almost each game since then, he’s gotten at least one fat fastball over the middle, and each time he’s fouled it off or popped up.  He just doesn’t look like the same guy who’s made pitchers pay for mistakes so consistently over the years.
    A-Rod’s always had a bit of a long swing, and as of now, he’s having the worst season of his career.  Part of this might just be due to some injuries, but he is 35 after all, and we should expect some decline.  This 2010 performance really doesn’t bode well for the return on the largest contract in team sports history….