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6 thoughts on “Dibble Apologizes

  1. Personally, I am sick of hearing people say their comments "may have been misconstrued."  Dibble's comments seemed pretty straightforward the other night and – like you pointed out – he failed to pick up on Carpenter's attempts to get out of trouble.  The sad part about the statement is that its clear he has no idea what he did.

  2. Exactly Tamar. There's not really anything to misconstrue in the content of his remarks, it's as straight-forward as it can get. What he means is that he meant it as a joke, which is a problem because, a) the joke is a misogynistic one, b) it's still putting the blame on the person who's complaining, rather than on Dibble.

  3. I will bet you a dollar that Rob Dibble is not announcing games in the nation's capitol in 2011, but at this point the team doesn't see a financial incentive to send him packing, as they'd probably still have to pay him, and it would send their broadcasts into a bit of confusion and upheaval (which, admittedly, might be an improvement).

  4. Dibble has a long history of being a caveman dating back to his playing days.  The fact is that Fox courts his "type" for their broadcasts and if he had any political background they'd probably have him on Fox News also.  This was one of the "Nasty Boys" by the way.


    This is the way the modern-day media works.  Turn the pre-game show into a locker room or a sports bar mentality.  Fox not only embraces it but they also encourage it and then they get surprised when something like this comes up.  The loudest boob gets the spotlight.  If they're abrasive?  Even better.  More of these boneheads continue to make sports a challenge to watch on television with some small exceptions.  Even WNBC TV in New York let Len Berman go and he way possibly the most respected and buttoned up sportscaster in NYC.  Meanwhile Russ Salzberg, John Sterling… still working full-time?  Pity.  They really DON'T make them like they used to.