Ivan’s First Start

Ivan Nova made his first Major League start last night and it went pretty well. He was pulled after 73 pitches, but allowed just two runs while walking only one and striking out three in 5.1 innings pitched. That’s more than we could ask for from Nova.

He averaged 94.37 and went as high as 97.5 MPH with his fastball, which I found incredible. Either he pulled this velocity out of his ass, or the gun was juiced. I think it’s the latter, but even allowing for a few MPH up or down, that’s still pretty good gas from Nova.

Ivan also got two swinging strikes on his fastball, as well as three on his changeup which averaged 86.1 MPH. Juiced up gun or not, hat’s a decent differential between the heater and the change, so that’s encouraging.

My favorite Nova at bat of the night was the fourth inning strikeout against Lyle Overbay. Even though he fell behind with his changeup and ended up in a 3-1 count, he got back to back swinging strikes to end the at bat. It was great to see Nova use his changeup in a fastball count with good results. Hopefully, we’ll see more of that in his next start.

There were times when Nova’s curveball was more rolling than breaking, but overall, it was a nice start for Nova that ended a little prematurely. I’m not going to count on many more outings like this, but I like the way Nova handled himself last night and his willingness to mix pitches (35.62% non fastballs) was a good sign.

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9 thoughts on “Ivan’s First Start

  1. I don’t think the gun was juiced. Morrow’s velocity seemed normal, so I think Nova was just very amped up last night. That was one of the reasons why I didn’t have an issue pulling him after (76?) Pitches. You worry about a guy like him running out of gas.

  2. I loved him , he should start saturday and cc friday.. the kid deserves it.. if nunez made a better throw who knows how the rest of the game turns out.. the kid showed guts and fire.. girardi .i finally agreed with him, at that point pulling the kid..he came out on a real good note.. gardner and granderson needed to hit some last night, we could have won it.. does anyone agree with girardi for posting his rotation prior to this kid pitching last night/? for my money javy and aj won’t pitch this coming weekend..rest up and then see if it is dead arms or dead brains..

  3. Looks like the makings of a future big time pitcher to me.He has enough fastball to blow guys away and his curveball will be filthy with some Major League coaching and refinement.Maybe MAriano gives him a cutter too and then look out.
    I was very impressed with the attitude, demeanor and velocity.Girardi was an A-hole to take him out there.ALmost like Girardi wants him to go back to the minors so he can stay with a useless Javy instead.