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9 thoughts on “Steinbrenner To Get Monument in Monument Park

  1. I think the problem most of us have had with the (non-Mushnick) fawning tributes is that our opinion of Steinbrenner is divided.  I cheered when he was banned from the game after the Howie Spira incident.  Up to that point I viewed Steinbrenner as the sole reason my beloved Yankees had been unable to win a world championship since 1978.  Being born in 1973 my recollection of 78 was dim at best.

    His banishment had the desired effect on the team.  As has been well documented under the direction of Stick and others they were able to rebuild from top to bottom, start to make good decisions on players and generally move beyond being a plaything of Steinbrenner.  I think this rebuilding effort and the resulting success vindicated every feeling of euphoria I had when he was banned.

    Then a funny thing happened.  When he came back he was a different owner. He held to his promise to take more of a back seat to the baseball people. He still meddled at the edges (Strawberry, Gooden, Shefield, etc.) but he was clearly not the same guy. He turned in to a guy who simply wanted his team to win. He allowed others to invest his money more wisely than he had before and the results speak for themselves. In that regard he became a model owned. He put winning first and backed it up with money. What is not to love about that?

    No one should forget what he did to people in his pre-ban tenure. But you can forgive. Should we forgive what he did to the team and more importantly people like Martin, Bera, Howser and countless others in the back office we never heard of? Is it our job to forgive? I am not sure.  That leads to the mixed feelings many of us have about Steinbrenner. It is only natural.

  2. Fay Vincent should be honored out in center field before George. Does anyone truly believe that, if not for the long suspension, the Yankees would have allowed the young ones on the farm to develop and ultimately help guide the franchise to championships in '96, '98-'00?

  3. Only 1 momument left to offer, and that's for Jeter.  So long as Miller Huggins has one (and only bc there were no #'s to retire back then), then I'm fine with it.  Also fine with the 9/11 monument. 

    All Yankee fans understand that there's plaque-worthy, retired #-worthy and monument-worthy.  Plaques for those not quite there, like Larsen, Mercer, Allie Reynolds, Lefty Gomez, Red Ruffing, Jack Chesbro, Bob Sheppard, Mel Allen, etc.  Retired #'s as already defined, plus our debate of future #'s.  Jeter's #2 and No's #42 are only certain ones, but I still anticipate O'Neill's #21, Bernie's #51, Posada's #20, Pettitte's #46, Arod's #13, MAYBE Goose's #55 and even Torre's #6 coming in the future. 

    What I don't see, though, is anyone other than Jeter deserving a monument, and that includes Mariano, Arod (even assumming he hits 800 HR+) plus any current retired # guys when they die.  No offense, but Yogi, Reggie, Gator, Whitey, etc., aren't monument worthy, and I hope they don't eventually get one posthumously. 

  4. IMHO… Ideally it would have been Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio, Mantle, Jeter, Rivera… case closed


    Yes, you're leaving out plenty of worthy individuals, most notably Yogi Berra (who only won 10 titles and 3 MVPs).. but that's the list



  5. Yogi was great. Can’t dispute the record # of rings or his #’s.  But Rutg, Gehrig, Dimaggio and Mantle are more than just HOFers. They are all-time icons for the sport.  I just don’t see Yogi getting a monument.  Oddly enough, I dont see Mo getting one either.  Would never say anything other than he’s the greatest reliever of all time.  But still not monument worthy.  HOF 1st ballot, retired #42, but not a monument.  Jeter, much more than Mo, is the face and spirit of these Yanks.  Mo is a quiet guy.  He’s not The Captain.  Jeter is the Captain.  And not a weak captain or co-captain like Nettles or the odd Randolph/Guidry co-captaincy.  A REAL Captain. Mattingly was my favorite growing up, and retired #-worthy, but not a REAL captain.  Gehrig, Munson and Jeter, IMO are the only REAL captains.  I think that Jeter deserves to be on a pedestal with the Big 4, and them alone.  Yogi, Mo, etc. make the best 2nd-tier of all-time greats in sports history anyway!

    All this said, Jeter is 6 months younger than me, so I hope we’re not having the Jeter-monument discussion for another 50+ years! 

  6. I’m not going to defend the Steinbrenner monument, but I will defend its notion (is there any difference?  I don’t know).  The man, with his drive and will to bring New York the best of the best when it comes to baseball, built the Yankees into a national magnate of a franchise and gave them an international presence, and he did it at the perfect time:  when the national economy was truly growing into an international economy.
    Without him, the Yankees would not have the things we have enjoyed over the last two decades, possibly even including Jeter and Mo, the players you above seem to think should receive monuments… and I think that speaks towards revering him as a pivotal figure in Yankees history with a monument.