KLaw and Callis On The Yankee System

Keith Law and Jim Callis both chimed in on the Yankee farm system in chats this week, and the prognosis is encouraging. Let’s take a look at the chat answers from Callis first:

Nick (Connecticut): Is the Yankees farm system in the top 15?

Jim Callis: Yes. It takes a lot of time to break down all the systems and rank them against each other, but I’m confident enough to say the Yankees should rank in the top 10.

o (ct): Let’s get this straight, you are saying the Yanks system is in better shape than the sox?

Jim Callis: I did say that, yes.

A few weeks ago we parsed some comments from Callis to mean that the Yankees would be near the top 10, so it is good to see him confirm that assessment. The second comments is icing on the cake. Although the Red Sox strong 2010 draft may change that evaluation shortly, it seems fairly clear that the Yankees have more major league talent close to the big leagues. Keith Law was asked a similar question, and had the following to say:

Q: KLaw, I know the Red Sox just added some serious talent with this years draft but as of right now who has the better Farm System Yankees or Red Sox. Thanks in advance.
Klaw (1:21 PM): Yanks have more near-in talent. Red Sox have more depth and had a stronger 2010 draft.

It is amazing how a few months ago, the Yankees had little near in talent, with Romine and Montero their only real prospects above A ball. With Betances, Banuelos, and Brackman now at AA and Adam Warren, Hector Noesi, Brandon Laird, and David Phelps taking a step forward, the Yankees have a number of strong prospects at AA or higher. Speaking of “The Killer B’s,” Law was asked about them:

The Killer B’s. Brackman, Banuelos, Bentances. Who cracks the top 100?
Klaw (1:15 PM): All three.

Elsewhere, Law stated that 5 Yankees would make his top 100. With Montero a lock and the Killer B’s involved as well, the last slot will likely go to one of Gary Sanchez, Slade Heathcott, and Austin Romine. Law has cooled on Romine and Heathcott has struck out plenty at A this season, so I would guess that Sanchez makes his list. For the first time in a few years, the Yankees have 6 or 7 prospects that are legitimate candidates for top 100 prospect rankings. For a system that was ranked 22nd by Baseball America just last season, this has been quite a remarkable turnaround.

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  1. Like I said when Brandon Laird was bashing the ball a season or so back and nobody had him ranked anywhere, “Most of these guys don’t know a prospect from a suspect.They are the kings of the obvious and rarely see underneath the hype and rarely project guys forward who aren’t batting .320 or striking out 10 guys every game.
    It was the same deal when i was in the Horse racing business.After the horses won the races they started projected them as future talents.
    When i was very young out of college I was training a horse for a guy who had a stroke.The wife needed to sell.I couldn’t find anyone to pay $15,000 for the Colt who was broke and training like a champ.Horse won a million dollars over the next 3 years and ten top trainers came to my barn to purchase him.
    Thankfully I was part of his ownership.