Rob Dibble on Strasburg, Insulting Your Intelligence

“He’s an absolute animal when he’s on the field,” Dibble said. “And to take my comments from Monday, my comments were made about a healthy, 100 percent, strong, strapping kid. And it was more so directed as a pep talk, it was never directed towards Stephen in general, it was more my own opinion. So on a baseball only, year-round show, on MLB Network Radio, it was more baseball-generated jargon by myself, my partner and the listeners.

“Now, to have someone transcribe that, twist it and say Dibble’s telling Strasburg to suck it up, that wasn’t the gist of the conversation. And to have sick individuals twist it to try to make me look bad, that’s fine. You can hate on me all you want.

So let’s get this straight; after Strasburg left the game in obvious pain Saturday night, Dibble said Strasburg had to “suck it up,” couldn’t “have the cavalry come get him,” he said that because he threw the next day he “probably could have stayed in the game,” that he wanted to “see the kid pitched through it,” that Strasburg couldn’t “constantly be complaining over every little thing,” and that he thought Strasburg was going to be fine. But you’re supposed to believe that this was actually praise for Strasburg and Dibble just trying to give him a “pep talk.” Anyone buying that? The sad thing is, Dibble probably put a lot of thought into that spin.

On the one hand, this whole Strasburg situation is a good example of why teams need to ignore the sort of primitive machismo exhibited by Dibble and a lot of former players and take care of their young arms. To be blunt, Rob Dibble debuted in the majors when he was 24, and only threw 59 innings. He pitched in 6 season, never threw 100 innings in a season, and only threw 477 in his whole career. He never started a single big league game. It’s funny how the older players he are always so sure today’s players are wimps forget about their minor league years and so on when they were being taken care of too and their various short-comings.

On the other hand, it’s another piece of evidence that Rob Dibble is an idiotic, loud-mouthed, buffoon.

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4 thoughts on “Rob Dibble on Strasburg, Insulting Your Intelligence

  1. We get it, Dibble is an ass.  But why is he getting so much attention from you?  This is pretty much a copy paste from the Dibble post a few days ago.  Love reading you, but just a little bored a Dibble

  2. Rob Dibble == bleh.
    There is a relevancy to the topic though.  How do clubs maximize their player’s talents for the long-term while being focused on the short-term of this current season?  It’s an issue for the Yankees (see Chamberlin and Hughes) and countless other organizations as they try to groom pitchers for years to come while not sacrifice current season success.
    The real question is … how to tell when a player is mentioning he has an issue whether it is serious enough to pull him immediately from a game versus an issue of the boy who cries “Wolf!”?