Some Friday links

With the unfortunate demise of (well, at least with regards to posting regularly, anyway) Fack Youk, there’s been a bit of a void in Yankeeland with regards to linkstravaganzas, but thankfully this past week a number of interesting things have turned up that are definitely worth sharing:

– Over at the recently revamped and even-more-awesome-than-it-had-previously-been Pinstriped Bible, Stephani Bee shares her list of Top 10 Yankee prospects. A highly recommended read.

– You’ve almost certainly already seen this, but NoMaas’ Gary Wallace sat down with Yankee Senior Vice President Mark Newman for a second time and conducted another spectacular interview. Must-read stuff here.

– TYU continues to churn out fantastic content, with a post about a hypothetical OF/DH rotation next season, musings on some of Phil Hughes’ struggles, lusting after Hiroki Kuroda and why Joe Girardi is not going anywhere.

– Friend of the blog Matt on Earth has a couple of solid reads up this week, one on the underappreciated Marcus Thames, another speculating on the Yankees’ plans for Brett Gardner and/or Carl Crawford.

– The Captain’s Blog has a great post up about the Yankees’ decision to honor George Steinbrenner in Monument Park.

– Leonora goes prospect-stalking.

– Rebecca gives Kerry Wood his due.

– It’s About the Money has a thought-provoking piece on Race, Baseball and Third Base Coaches.

– Andy at NYaT took a look at whether CC will opt out of his deal after the 2011 season.

– SG at RLYW looks at the Cy Young candidates in his inimitable way.

– Mike Axisa examines the current state of the Yankee rotation.

– Dave Cameron has two unsurprisingly excellent posts up at Fangraphs this week; the first on the best team in baseball, the second on how best to use Fangraphs stats in determining who wins the Cy Young Award.

– And in case you missed it, make sure to check out our Yankees-White Sox series preview.

2 thoughts on “Some Friday links

  1. Thanks for the shout out, Larry.

    You've got some excellent taste. I just finished reading those articles at Fangraphs this morning. They are really well written. The Nomass interview is also very solid.

    Thanks for putting up the Link-A-Round. It's been much needed for a while now.