Week in Review Part Three

Before we start, I’d just like to let everyone know that today is likely the last day for a while in which I’ll have two posts up. On Monday, my internship and graduate classes start back up again, so it’ll likely be one post a day from here on out. Thanks so much for reading these last few months; it’s really been a great summer. With that said…

Let’s start the insanity. How about we go backwards this time?

Scroll down for a post about the 2011 rotation.


I contemplated Javy the Reliever. Obviously, we’ve had just one go ’round with this and it may be a few games before we do again. Still, though, I have faith in Javy to adapt to his new role.

I was also frustrated by Phil Hughes and his bad outing. Maybe I overreacted to this. I’ve got to give him some leeway as a young guy in his first truly full season as an MLB starter.


Some other thing have happened since this post. The Yankees are apparently uninterested in Hiroki Kuroda, so that point is moot. Chad Gaudin is still hanging around, and I guess he’ll serve as mop-up-duty man until the end of the season, then be left off the post-season roster.

This one got a lot of hits and I’m glad it did; that was the point, after all. I’m sticking to my side here: focus on Lee and roll with the under contract outfielders (unless, of course, there’s an offer you just can’t refuse for someone).


Another one with a lot of reader reaction, I expressed some displeasure with the YES Network. I’m likely not going to change my mind here, though Ben’s comment about the MiL stuff makes a great deal of sense.

The reign of Ivan the Nova started Monday night so I took a quick look at him. He did well, but got a little lucky in that first inning. He settled nicely after that, though, and out pitched what I thought he’d do. Let’s see what he can do in his next start.


Another Derek Jeter post (kind of) and some free agent talk. I’ll stand by the free agent stuff, as well as the retirement issues.

Have a good weekend, everyone. For those readers going back to school, good luck this semester. If you need help with an English paper, feel free to drop a line.

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