Discussion: Rooting For Red Sox or Rays?

Over the last few days, while the Red Sox and Rays battled in Tampa, Yankee fans grappled with an interesting dilemma. With the Yankees tied for first place with Tampa and with Boston attempting to make it a 3 team race for two playoff spots, fans of the Bombers were unsure of who to root for. Most of the opinions that I heard on the matter fell into one of three camps:

Rooting for the Rays: Those rooting for the Rays felt that although the Rays were much closer to the Yankees in the standings, the Red Sox posed a more dire threat. Falling behind the Rays would cost the Yankees a home playoff game or two, while falling behind Boston would likely mean that the Yankees miss the playoffs. Additionally, many found it impossible to root for the hated Red Sox, while few felt as strongly about the Rays.

Rooting for the Red Sox: Those hoping for a series victory from Boston felt that Boston was buried enough in the standings to make the Rays the more relevant “opponent.” The Yankees are tied with the Rays and have a more difficult schedule going forward, so these folks wanted the Red Sox to help the Yankees take the division.

Rooting for 20 inning games: The last group could not find it within them to root for either club, and instead wanted long games that took a lot out of both teams. The outcome was irrelevant as long as both teams were decimated by fatigue.

I found myself in the first group, as I worried first about getting into the playoffs. We can deal with Tampa in September.

What was your take on the Tampa-Boston series?

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  1. Going into the series, I could not sidagree more with the people who rooted for the Red Sox because their losses increased the Yanks’ playoff odds, despite what the Yankees did in Chicago. However, by Saturday night, my arrogance took over the logical part of my brain and I figured that no matter what the Red Sox do this weekend, they are not going to be 5 to 7 games better than the Rays or Yankees in a month without two of their top-three players – Pedroia and Youkilis. Nobody projected the Red Sox as 5 to 7 games better than the other two AL East beasts coming into the 2010 season, so how could you do so knowing that they have lost their two best position players?

    In the end, I placed myself in the ’20-inning’ camp. It was not because I could not find it in myself to root for the Rays or Red Sox, it’s just that I didn’t really give a crap who won because of my supreme confidence in the Yanks’ ability t make the post-season and win the division.

  2. Definitely rooting for Tampa for a couple reasons. First, a playoff spot is the priority and every game Boston loses gets us closer to that goal. Second, the Red Sox are pure evil and must be defeated regardless of the costs.

  3. my first inclination was to hope the rays would just bury the red sox once and for all. last night as i watched their game i waffled back and forth worse than a congressman on the campaign trail. i kept thinking jeez, if the rays lose we’ll have 1st place to ourselves back….in the end it was probably best that they took 2/3. glad they didn’t sweep them. Nova picked up all of our spirits i’m sure yesterday.

  4. I was definitely rooting for the Rays, mainly because I like them. Even though I’m a Yankee fan, I root for the Rays whenever they aren’t playing the Yankees. Something about that magical 2008 ALCS victory over Boston endeared them to me, and I want them to succeed – though not at the expense of the Yankees. There’s still plenty of baseball to be played, so even if the Rays had swept the Sox and gone a game up on the Yankees, there would be plenty of time for the Yankees to make that up, especially in head to head games.

  5. lets just focus all positive rooting on the yanks, we need to win not others to lose..we play them both enough times for the better team to show it self , seven vs rays six more stink sox,..if the rays beat us they are better..i don’t like wishing bad on others just extra good for us.. if AJ pitches like he gets paid, arod hits the way he gets paid, if girardi does not panic. the yankees are in first place and did it all year with the team out of sync, our position players except cano, have had poor years..and girardi needs to give him two days off back to back. we are very fortunate to be in this position now, we can make up alot this home stand, three of four is a must vs oakland..i believe if we win eight of ten , we won’t be caught by the rays.. a great team should make a run, so lets all root for us winning , lets make those last three games of the year in stink sox land mean zero,,that is them being spoilers.. the rays are a nice team to watch, they all play hard and classy.. out of minny and texas whom would you guys want to play first round? for my money , bring texas.i think lee fell off a cliff… last four starts nine era.. cash will be watching him real close .

  6. I told the wife I was rooting for the sox last night because the Rays pitching scares me more than their hitting and the Sox have much better pitching and hitting since Papi has come back to form. A 20 inning slog would’ve been nice also, but Price, Nieman, Davis, and that new kid Hellickson are worrisome.

    The Sox are just not meant to make it this year but if they can make life miserable for the Rays that is fine with me.

  7. i just rather see the stinksox just miserable….all the time..i could never root for them ,they are haters, cry babies …when beckshi.. gets hit hard he needs to drill somebody because he stunk.. papelbum said he would play for the yanks…keep dreaming..send him to the mets.. mike lowell is a classy guy..the only guy i like on that team…damon and manny belong on that team.. we beat price, and will beat him again..no worries..nieman has not been the same..the kid has to pitch in a big game yet..if they start him.. davis ,we should get to him next time ..garza is the guy you forgot..he could put up a great game. vs yanks..sonnestien needs to eat a lot of pasta , he looks terrible.. their bullpen 8 and 9th innings are great..by the way a texas boy a yankee fan..you must be hold up like the alamo..

  8. As hard as it was to do, I found myself rooting for the Rays to win. If the Red Sox took the series, then that would make the Yankees final stretch even more dangerous- as they would now have to worry about two teams lapsing them in the standings.

    Also, as it stands now, the Yankees get a more fortuitous matchup in the playoffs as the wild card, since that would pit them against the Twins, not the Rangers. I know the division is obviously preferred because of homefield, etc. but all of that certainly has to be a concern.