Derek Jeter is not Priceless

A few points in response. First of all, no player is worth a “blank check,” and the fact that Feinsand is using the phrase mostly as a metaphor in this column pretty much shows lays that bare itself. Jeter might be worth more to the Yankees than everyone else, but that value still has a number attached to it. Would anyone endorse paying Jeter a $50 million salary next year? How about a $75 million salary? $100 million? Bueller?

The question then is; how much value does Jeter have? Is he worth a $25 million salary? Well, his age and production this year certainly aren’t worth that. But what if Jeter doesn’t want to agree to a pay cut next season? I could see the team agreeing to up his salary next year, but I would bet that it would come in exchange for either fewer years on the contract or a decreased salary in the years following. I certainly don’t see the team committing to paying Jeter a $25 million+ salary 4 or 5 years from now.…

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Don’t Panic

In 2005 the Yankees called up 22 year-old second-base prospect Robinson Cano and he responded by hitting 14 home runs in 132 games on his way to a .778 OPS.   In 2006 he took a major step forward, hitting 15 home runs in 122 games while posting a solid tripleslash of .342/.365/.525.  His walk...

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Game 110: Red Sox 2, Yankees 7

Adrian Beltre hit a deep fly ball to right and Nick Swisher made a nice catch at the wall to either rob him of a base hit or a homerun.  With one out in the bottom of the second, Lance Berkman seemed to finally find his swing, grounding one down the right field line for a double.  Curtis Granderson hit one hard up the middle, that Sox second baseman Bill Hall stopped and threw to first, only to send the ball past Victor Martinez, allowing Berkman to score.  Gardner then stole second, getting in just ahead of the tag and putting him in position to score easily on Derek Jeter’s single up the middle.  At the end of two, the Yankees had a 2-0 lead.

The third and fourth innings were scoreless, but the Red Sox finally broke through in the fifth.  Bill Hall would knock a solo homer off of Moseley, making the game 2-1, but the Yankee pitcher came back and got the next three hitters out. …

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Don’t count out the Sox just yet

With their inactivity at the July 31st trade deadline and last night’s drubbing of Josh Beckett guaranteeing the Yanks a split of the four game series, it would be easy for Yankee fans to dismiss the 2010 Red Sox. The series has lacked its usual buzz, they’re...

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The Captain and Fat Elvis beat the Red Sox

Lance Berkman had 2 doubles on his 3 hit night while Derek Jeter passed Babe Ruth on the all-time hit list. The Yankees beat the Red Sox 7-2. A.J. Burnett was suffering from back spasms...

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